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Capt. Dominic Santos and Desdemona Barrett-Brown
USS Vanguard - Event Horizon, Crew Quarters
Before and During "Hijinks"


Santos walked into Event Horizon.

The lounge was eerily quiet, so quiet that Santos momentarily wondered
where the crew was. But he felt so...good that he quickly put that
worry out of his mind.

Santos took a seat on his favorite stool and idly studied the menu
scrolling across the top of the bar.

"What can I offer you, Captain?"  came a soft female voice in front of

Santos looked up to see April, Desdemona's daytime lounge manager.

Santos grinned.

"April," he said, "long time, no see."

Santos noticed immediately that April was dressed in a clinging silk
halter top and matching floral skirt. It would have been hard, in fact,
not to notice her.

April grinned at him and patted her hair.

"What do you recommend?" Santos asked her.

"That's all right, April. I'll take the captain," a voice came from
behind Santos.

For a moment, an almost-angry look passed before April's face, like a
shadow in front of the moon. Then, it was gone. April smiled tightly,
nodded and quietly walked away.

Santos grinned, composed his face, and turned.

"Des," he gaped.

Desdemona Barrett-Brown stood behind Santos' barstool. Her outfit left
little to the imagination, but was nonetheless... thought-provoking. 
Her hair was tousled and spilled wildly over her shoulders.  Her eyes
danced with the kind of fire that could burn a man?s soul. She looked
at him wordlessly, without expression.

Was it just him, or was it suddenly very warm in there?

As if she could no longer look at him and keep a straight face, Des?
smile erupted forth, matching her sparkling eyes.

"Well hello, Nick. A bit early for you, isn't it?"

"I felt so... good, I just wanted a little something. Something to..."

"...to keep your spirits up?  ...your energy,? she paused breathily,
suggestively, ?high?" 

Santos turned to one side and grinned.

"Right," he replied, turning back to her. "Do you have...anything like

"That depends," she said, suddenly closer to him. "What exactly were
you looking for?"

"This," he said, putting his arms around her waist. He could feel her
breath on his cheek, on his ear, and suddenly his lips were on hers.

"Oh," Des said, breaking the kiss, ?just like I always imagined it."

"Not like how I imagined it," he said.

Her eyebrows arched in surprise.

"It was even better, sweeter," he said. She grinned again.

"But what about Trevor?" she said, her eyes wide, searching his.

"What about him?" Santos asked, pulling her closer, she still standing,
he on the barstool.

His frankness stunned her, then, slowly, a grin spread across her face.

"Jerk," she said.

"Maybe," he replied, "but isn't that why you've always liked me? Don't
tell me you don't think of me when you're with...him."

Her eyes darkened momentarily, as somewhere inside her a lone voice of
dissent spoke out, and was instantly silenced by the fever coursing
through her veins. 

Without saying another word, she kissed him again, and he kissed her
back, her mouth hard on his.

They broke the kiss.

"She tastes like all summer Sundays in one," he thought.

She placed her hand on his cheek.

She looked at his face, and came close, as if to kiss him.

She whispered, "Would you like to come back to my quarters?"

He studied her for a moment. His answer was so long in coming, she
didn't think he would reply.

She took his hand. "Come on."

"I never thought you would ask," he said (dumbly).

"I got tired of waiting for you to," she replied.

Desdemona led Santos to the door, her fingers intertwined with his, a
playful smile curling her

She cast a devious wink at April, who pouted momentarily and then
turned her attentions to a handsome ensign, one of the few crewmen not
already paired off.

?Two by two,? thought Desdemona dreamily, ?Like an Ark full of sinners
instead of saints.?  She frowned slightly.  Why was she thinking like
that?  It was a drunk?s thought, nonsensical and reckless. Speaking of

She gazed at Santos, who grinned mischievously back at her. The frown
disappeared from her face, and all misgivings vanished into the haze of
the strange good feeling that burned inside her.

. . .

Down the corridor they sauntered, laughing and stumbling together. 
Just around the corner from Des? quarters, Santos suddenly stopped. 
Des had been leading; her hand still clasped in his, and hadn?t noticed
his halt until she almost tripped forward. She fell back against him,

He curled his finger under her chin and guided her face upward, looking
down into her eyes.

?Des,? he searched her eyes, seeming to have something to say but not
being able to find the words. Something was happening to them; Santos
was a man always in control of himself and this chaos inside him left
him lost and vulnerable in ways he couldn?t describe.

That was why he?d gone to his friend in the first place.  His friend;
he looked at her shining eyes, her full quivering lips...and he knew
this strange desire he felt at the sight of her was wrong but it felt
so right at the same time.

?What?s happening?? he whispered.  Her eyes were a soft reflection of
his, mirroring his own confusion.

Suddenly, like a wave breaking over them, the lucidity was gone.  

She grinned devilishly at him, taking his hand from under her chin and
biting his thumb playfully. 

?Come on, Nick,? she tugged at his arm, drawing him forward, ?What are
you waiting for??

?What indeed?? A harsh voice startled them both.

Leaning against the door to Des? quarters, looking dangerously calm,
stood Trevor Elis.


Nick Santos, as he would be ashamed to admit, had been in this type of
situation before and showed no outward signs of shame or awkwardness.

"Elis," he said, as if about to ask the fallen commander how he liked
the new hibiscus in the Arboretum.

"Nick," Elis said. Then, Elis said something that sounded like "racer"
to Santos' ears.

"What?" Santos asked.

"I said, 'Sam Pacer.' You remember her, don't you, Nick?"

"Name sounds familiar."

"She was getting married to Carlyle Breckenridge. They were both
students at the Academy. You were with her, he found out, went home to
Alpha Centauri...and killed himself."

"Trevor..." Des said.

"BE QUIET!" Elis roared, breathing hard. "CARLYLE BRECKENRIDGE WAS A

Santos stood between Des and Elis. "Say whatever you want to me,
Trevor, but don't speak to her like that again." Santos took two steps
toward Elis.

"Really, Nick?" Elis looked at Santos. "What are you going to do about

"This," Santos said. For a moment, Des thought that Santos had tripped
into Elis. But then she saw what had happened: Santos had head-butted
Elis, in the face.

Elis staggered back, and Santos was on him. Santos viciously punched
Elis in the side of the head, twice, bringing Elis to his knees.

Des grabbed Santos' arm.

"Nick! That's enough!"

Santos' back was turned. He turned to look at Elis, just in time to see
the other man punch him in the back. Santos' back was on fire. He could
hardly speak because of the pain.

Santos's elbow shot back, catching Elis somewhere in the midsection.

As Santos turned to grab Elis, a phaser shot split the air.

The three of them--Des, Santos and Elis--turned to see Aliyah-Amores
Lopez-Fitzgerald with a phaser in her hand. She had it leveled at Nick.

"Are you two wild dogs finished? Finished fighting over your bitch?"
she asked, her eyes going from Santos to Elis to Des.

"Little girl, be careful who you call a bitch," Des said under her

Lopez-Fitzgerald turned to look at Des, and for a moment, Santos
wondered if he could get the phaser away from her.

Then, the ship rocked. Hard.

They all managed to keep their feet, but barely.

A cackle came over intra-ship:

"BWA-HA-HA! Attention ALLL hands...this is your CAPTAIN speaking. I've
made a small mistake--WHOOPSY--and we are spiralling out of control
into the nearest sun. Of course, we only have impulse...SAM, YOU NEED
SLOOOW trip. But I'm locked in Engineering, and all navigation controls
are in MY hands...so come get me. Captain Kavan...OUT!"

Kavan started to whistle "The Longest Day."

Santos momentarily came out of his fugue. He shook his head and
realized, briefly, that he needed to get to the bridge...or maybe
Engineering. He would only have a few moments before the fever overtook
him again.

Lopez looked at him, her phaser still trained on him.

"Let me by, Aliyah," he said.

"You son of a bitch," she said.

"I don't have time for this," he said gently.

"You son of a bitch. It was her"--she waved the phaser at Des--"you
wanted all along. Why didn't you just say so?"

"Aliyah..." he began.

The phaser came up.

And then, a transporter whine cut the air...the same moment that a
phaser shot was heard.
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