[USS Vanguard] RPG: Everything?s Negotiable

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* Desdemona Barrett-Brown *
*Starbase Brigadoon Lounge*
*   after ?Romulan Ale?   *

Des? finger traced idly the rim of her glass.  She
said nothing, waiting for her companion to speak, but
the large reptilian male was silent.  He stared
unwavering at her from across the table.  Finally he
leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest.

?No,? he said, drawing the word out with a cool

?Listen up, Jiggs,? Des growled.  ?When you came to me
for help getting that shipment out of--?

The Takaran lunged across the table with a speed that
unnerved her, but Des didn?t retreat a centimeter as
Jiggs hissed in her ear, ?Lower your voice!?

?I gave you my help, and I told you then that someday
I?d call on you to return the favor.?

?Who do you think you are??  Jiggs? eyes flashed with
anger... or was it passion?  Desdemona could never
tell with Jiggs.  Once during a particularly heated
argument, she was sure the Takaran meant to smash her
head in.  Instead he?d tried to kiss her.  She?d often
wondered if all Takarans were that way or if Jiggs was
an oddball among his own people as well.

?I think I?m somebody who is usually in a position to
help people,? she said evenly, ?And now I?m in a
position to accept your help.  I thought that was our
arrangement from the beginning.?

Jiggs leaned back, rubbing his chin.

?Very well,? he said.  ?One condition.?

?Name it,? Des sighed, wondering how much it would
cost her in goods.. or worse, services.

?You are to accompany your team on board my ship.  You
are personally responsible to me if any...misfortunes
befall my ship or my crew as a result of this.?

?That?s up to the Captain,? Des countered, ?It?s his
mission.  Hell, I?m not even Star Fleet.?

Jiggs only shook his head.  ?I will not allow it
otherwise.  You are asking me to risk a great deal,
and--to borrow one of your charmingly quaint
expressions--I want your neck in the noose with mine
should anything go wrong.?

Jiggs stood, threw back the remainder of his drink and
set the glass on the table.  ?If you will excuse me, I
have preparations to make for my unexpected

Des wanted to retort, but bit her lip instead.  Her
dealings with Jiggs were tenuous at best, and she knew
that after this she would have to work to stay in his
good graces.

Not lost on her was the irony of her situation; if she
had been told years ago when she was part of the
resistance on Sierus IV that she would stick her neck
out time and again for Star Fleet, she would?ve
laughed.  Yet here she was, and she was happy to do
it.  Her time with the Vanguard taught her what the
Federation was really all about, and although she had
long ago made a commitment to never commit to any
?side,? she was nonetheless proud to stand beside if
not among the Federation now.

She finished her own drink and went off in search of
Santos to deliver the good news.


OoC:  *phew*

Okay, folks, you?re probably saying, ?Desdemona Who??

Yeah, my bad.  I?ve been way, way out of the loop. 
Like so far out of the loop I had to go find it again
before I could get back into it.  But at last, here I
am, if you?ll still have me.  

I?ve read all the posts in my absence and I gotta tell
you it was great.  I read all 100+ in one sitting just
?cause I didn?t want to stop!

Yours in kind,

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