[USS Vanguard] RPG: Docking

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Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan
  USS Vanguard
  During Commodore Santos? Post
  Craig stood at his usual place next to the tactical officer as the Vanguard 
dropped out of warp near Starbase Brigadoon.  Captain Quetan looked over her 
shoulder in Craig?s direction.  
  Craig checked Shar?s console and reported, ?Starbase Brigadoon bids us 
greetings and we are clear for docking in bay 7.?
  ?Thank you Chief.?  Zena said as she swiveled her chair back towards the view 
  Commander Mandrake was already moving the ship toward their destination.  
Lieutenant Shar, standing at the tactical console spoke in a quiet voice to 
Craig.  ?I?m looking forward to a little R and R Chief.  Do you have any plans 
for our brief reprieve??
  Craig answered Shar, but his eyes followed Ceelak as she left the bridge.  
She didn't look in his direction, but she made it obvious that she avoided his 
gaze on purpose.  ?Actually, no El-Tee.  I think I?m going to spend most of my 
time aboard helping with the phaser refit that we?re due for.?
  Shar heard Craig, but he followed the older man?s gaze as Ceelak left the 
bridge.  ?Don?t bury yourself in work Chief, it?s not healthy.  And you 
shouldn?t take it so hard.?  
  Craig nodded his agreement, but couldn?t help but feel a twinge of sadness.  
His relationship with Ceelak had cooled rather quickly recently and he wasn?t 
entirely sure why.  Of course it was most likely that Ceelak had just gotten 
over her crush on him and moved on, but however a person termed it, their 
romance was a thing of the past.  
  Perhaps most embarrassing was that everyone on the ship knew about every 
crumbling shipboard romance and theirs had been no exception.  Even Captain 
Quetan had expressed her sympathy to Craig about the way things had turned out. 
 As usual, Craig was having a hard time sorting things out in his head.  He?d 
never really been sure about his relationship with the younger woman and he had 
always been a little bit uncomfortable about Ceelak also being a man.  His 
discomfort was usually obvious and it had often hurt Ceelak?s feelings.  That 
had probably been the end.  He had noticed that Ceelak hadn?t taken her male 
form for several months now and he hoped that it wasn?t because of him.
  Craig brought his attention back to the present and stood quietly while the 
bridge crew brought the Vanguard into port.
  Just something quick to get the ball rolling.
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