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OoC: When we last saw the Tomonaga and Vanguard, Santos and Quetan were
back on the Vanguard, but still unconscious, under the influence of the
time sickness infecting the Tomonaga. The alternate crew(s) of the
Tomonaga had the Vanguard crew prisoner even as Darkwater negotiated
their release.

In this post, we begin with a trip through Santos's mind during his
time sickness, a sickness that he shares with Quetan, both because of
their experience in the artificial Nexus as well as their experiences
on board the Tomonaga. Darkwater and the crew of the Vanguard are at
the mercy of the Tomonaga.


Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard
After all recent posts

Dominic Santos wasn't aware of being transported back to the Vanguard.
He wasn't aware of much, except for the elation he felt.

When the counselor later asked, Dominic would tell him he didn't
remember much.

And at the end of the life he led in whatever time or place that fate
had placed him, he met with Walker once more.

[Walker is the mysterious "civilian" wearing prescription eyeglasses
who appears at Santos's enquiry prior to his assignment on the

Once again, Santos was standing on a road, surrounded by green fields,
and the sky was a perfect blue, bluer than the clearest ocean on a calm

And by now, Santos was an old man. He approached Walker cautiously.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"All roads lead to Beta Lachesis," Walker replied. He began to walk
toward the horizon. As he passed an elm, the tree seemed to bow to him.
[Beta Lachesis was the site of the Astoria's last mission and the
Vanguard's first. At Beta Lachesis the crew of the Astoria were asked
to make first contact with sentient vegetables--yes, sentient
vegetables--while the Vanguard were conducting a follow-up mission when
they were attacked by their Mirror, Mirror universe counterparts. Capt.
Lee of the Astoria was shown a vision of the future with the prediction
"All roads lead to Beta Lachesis."]

As Walker began to stroll, Santos followed him, and once more, he was
in the temporal division uniform from his days aboard the Vanguard.

The man known only as Walker turned to Santos and said, "My name is
Walker. Perhaps I am a descendant of yours, perhaps not. But one day,
you'll return here, Dominic, and fulfill an important obligation, the
best destiny of which the Vorgon helped prepare you."

Before Santos could ask another question, he sensed a presence behind
him. He turned.

"Zena!" he exclaimed, grabbing her and giving the Science Officer a
great hug.

She laughed, and when he released her and looked at her, he found
Kehrin Quetan.

"Hello, Nick."

This all seemed perfectly normal to Capt. Santos, and he began to
stroll next to the previous host of the Quetan symbiont.

"We have to return," Kehrin Quetan told him.

"Where?" Santos turned to Quetan and noticed another change, this time
to Xeren Quetan.

"To the Vanguard," she replied in a no-nonsense tone.

"I don't remember the Vanguard," Santos said.

"The Vanguard needs you, Nick," Urie Quetan told him.

Santos said nothing and digested that.

Luka Quetan said, "Your friends are still in trouble, and they need

"What can I do?" Santos asked.

Admiral Ehran Quetan replied: "What you always do: Lead them out of
danger and show them the way."

Santos and Quetan(s) approached a cliff. They looked over.

Zena Quetan offered Dominic Santos her hand. He took it, and they
peered over the ledge. Together, they jumped.

[In the "real" world]

On the bridge of the Vanguard, Kieran Darkwater was negotiating with
the "crew" of the Tomonaga.

"Your unconditional surrender must be forthcoming. Anything less is
totally unacceptable."

"How will you find us?" the Vulcan commander asked. "We are between
moments of your time. And your crew are our hostages."

Darkwater felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned, ready to bark at a
bridge officer for the serious breach in starship operations etiquette.

Instead, he found the captain.

"Thank you, Mister Darkwater," Santos said. He glanced quickly at
Quetan, who smiled and nodded at him.

"Computer," he ordered, "initiate command override, USS Tomonaga,
authorization Santos, Dominic, seven five xray zulu."

The Vulcan showed no surprise, but spat: "Computer, override that

"Command override initiated," the computer replied. There was a
momentary pause as they waited to see whose order had been initiated.

"Welcome, Captain Dominic Santos," the computer finally answered.

"Computer, shut down quantum singularity."

Before the Tomonaga crew could speak, the lights on the Tomonaga bridge
went dark before the emergency backup stores bathed the bridge in

When the crimson lights came up, the crew of the Tomonaga, no longer
brought around by the virus-laden singularity engine, had disappeared.

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