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Highwaij and Jazz Falcon remain on the SS Conscript, as time begins
running out.

Kieran Darkwater surprises the crew by apprehending Riajj.

And the command staff make one last, tough decision.

Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard
After all recent posts

"Post four armed guards around Mr Riajj, around the clock," Capt.
Santos said. The Vanguard's commanding officer turned to Kieran

"How do you feel, Kieran?"

"Considering I just fended off an attempt on my life from a
genetically-modified super-Romulan--not bad. All things considered."

"Why don't you go to the Sickbay and have Xristha look at your wounds?"

"You know, other than the glaringly obvious fact that I would do that
without a verbal suggestion, that's not a bad idea." He nodded curtly.
"Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll excuse me..."

They watched him go.

"Well, he can't be all that hurt; he has his sardonic wit about him,"
Santos remarked. He turned to Science Officer Zena Quetan and Executive
Officer Soman Drath.

"Let's regroup. What's our first priority?"

"We need to ensure that Aliyah Lopez is all right."

"Dr. Droin has that situation under control. What else?"

"Highwaij and Falcon," Quetan said.

Santos nodded. "Let's get back to the bridge."

[On the SS Conscript]

Jazz Falcon wiped her brow. "If we don't get out of here soon, we'll be
two well-baked Starfleet officers."

Highwaij frowned. "Agreed. Can you find the coolest part of this ship
and lead us there?"

Before she could answer, they were snatched from the Jefferies tube
where they had been hiding.

"Yoiks!" exclaimed Falcon.

Highwaij and Falcon came face to face with Gamma-One.

Falcon started beating her fists against his chest, but it felt like
trying to nudge a Galaxy-class starship with a hydrospanner.

"Hold still," he said. "I'm not trying to hurt you."

"You can...talk?"

"I am genetically modified in both mind and body. Of course I can
speak. What did you expect? That I would be a lumbering, mindless oaf?"

"Well, no, that's not what I meant...well, yeah, okay, maybe. But why
haven't you tried to contact us sooner?" Falcon asked.

"We haven't much time. I know an escape route. Let's go."

"Why should we trust you?" Highwaij asked.

"Because my wife and unborn child are on your ship," Gamma One said.

Highwaij and Falcon looked at one another. They trotted after the
hybrid down the corridor.

[On the Vanguard]

"Report," Santos said, arriving on the bridge.

"The temperatures on the Conscript are steadily rising," Mandrake said.

"Damn," Santos muttered. "So the venting is not working."

"Incoming message from the Conscript," Quetan said.

"Put it on screen," Santos said.

"No, wait, it's from a small, two-person shuttle launching from
underneath the superstructure," Quetan said.

"What difference does that make?" Santos said testily. "Let's hear it."

"The life signs on the ship are humanoid," Quetan said.

"On screen!" Santos said, excited.

"Captain Santos, this is Lieutenant Highwaij. We were led to a secret
yacht on the Conscript. Requesting permission to dock."

"Shuttlebay Two," Santos said. "And hurry. We detect the Conscript is


The crew watched as the Conscript buckled and exploded.

"There goes the last of the Conscript," Quetan said.

"And with it, our answers to what really happened there," Mandrake

"Dr. Droin, prepare to receive two more patients in Sickbay," Santos

"Acknowledged," came the reply from Sickbay.


Santos visited Lopez, Highwaij and Falcon.

Santos smiled and sat on the edge of Lopez's bed.

"The doctor and counselor tell me you're going to make a full

She smiled weakly. "My memory's still a little hazy, but I'm feeling
better a bit at a time."

"Get some rest," Santos said, getting up.

"Captain..." she said.

Santos turned. "Yes?"

"The mind-meld that Riajj and I shared...I know what happened aboard
the Conscript, don't I?"

Santos nodded. "I think he wanted you to know the truth. And in time,
you'll get a chance to tell their story. But for now, rest. Let me
worry about Riajj."

Santos walked toward Highwaij and Falcon.

"How are you two feeling?" he asked warmly.

"Good, captain, Thank you. Dr. Droin has been taking good care of us."

"Do you think we can have some decent food soon?" Highwaij asked.

They all chuckled.

"Lies," Droin said, popping her head out from her office. "They get
three square a day, and they're good. It's coming right from Des. And
she only charged us half the usual dining room rate."

"My compliments to the chef," Santos said with a hint of sarcasm.

Santos turned to Highwaij and Falcon.

"He sacrificed himself so that the two of you could live, didn't he?"

Falcon looked down, unable to answer.

Highwaij merely nodded.

"They weren't what we expected."

Santos turned to leave.

"Captain, what are you going to do with Riajj? And the baby?" Falcon

"I've contacted the Grizzelas," Santos said. "They're respected for
their jurisprudence, fairness and thoroughness. If anyone can get to
the bottom of the business aboard the Conscript, they can."

Santos was nearly out the door when Highwaij's voice brought him back.

"Where are you going now?" the Communications Officer asked.

"To touch base with some people," Santos said.


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