[USS Vanguard] RPG: Confessions

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Joint post:
Lt. JG Jazz Falcon, Exo-biologist
Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
After I am four O'Clock
Title: Confessions

Aliyah had just finished tieing up her hair when the captains voice boomed over 
the comm. She quickly got the last strand and ran to wards the transporter 
room. She took the turbolift down and entered. She saw that Falcon was already 

Jazz had not noticed that she was needed on the away team. After all she was 
only an exo-biologist. She cut up dead people after they were blown up. She was 
surprised when she got the call. On her other ships she had never been on an 
away mission before.

Aliyah walked over to her, "Hi Lt." She greeted Falcon. Falcon nodded in 
greeting, "Ensing, looking forward to this?" Aliyah smiled while getting into 
her bio-hazard suit, "No, and i Can feel that you are not really looking 
forward to this."  Falcon smiled at that and checked her suit.

Jazz hated when people could feel what she was feeling but she smiled it off. 
She was more nervous than she thought. She whispered to Aliyah, "Can I tell you 
something?" The woman nodded and her blue and black hair seemed to move with 
each movement, "I am scared as hell," she confessed, "I've never done an away 
mission before and I have no idea what we will find when we get over there."

Aliyah held her shoulder, "Me niether, but all we have to do is back up 
everyone and as far as I've seen, this crew seemed to be a family, so no one 
gets left behind."

Jazz grimaced at the word family, "That's just it," Jazz told her looking 
around, "I am not a part of this 'family. and Niether are you!" Aliyah's left 
eye brow went up, "We are the new kids on the block, Remember?"

Understood how she felt, but tried to reassure her falcon, "Don't worry, the 
captain would not allow anyone to be left behind, the crew certainly will not 
leave you and I will always be their for you."

Jazz smiled at that. Somehow she felt reassured. She continued getting dressed 
as Aliyah began to walk away, "Aliyah," she called after her, "Yeah," Aliyah 
answered, "Thank you," Jazz told her.

Aliyah heard the voice and turned to face Falcon, "you're welcome," Aliyah 
smiled, "Now let's get ready and get this over with shall we?"

At that point other officers began walking in.

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