[USS Vanguard] RPG: Children of the Past

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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard

OoC: The following takes place after the Vanguard enters the conduit used by 
the Borg to travel throughout the galaxy.

The Vanguard rocked violently, forcing the bridge crew to grab the nearest 
bulkhead to steady themselves.

"Steady as she goes! Hold your course!" Santos shouted above the sound of 
Vanguard's straining intertial dampeners.

"I'm...trying," Valentine said between gritted teeth.

First Officer Zena Quetan turned from the Science station.

"Captain, we're receiving wild telemetry--space/time appears to be in constant 
flux. Neutrino emissions are off-the-scale. They seem to be affecting the 
ship's bioneural components."

"What's the status on our temporal components?" Santos asked.

Zena paused, then shook her head. As the ship rocked again, she swiped a strand 
of hair out of her face. "Hard to ascertain. Neutrino emissions are leveling 
out...stand by."

"Report, Zena!"

"Sir, neutrino emissions spiked, and they appear to be dissipating. Bioneural 
gelpaks are compensating."

"Well done, Commander."

"Sir, thirty seconds from exiting this corridor."

"Increase power to shields. Stand by weapons and scan for Borg activity."

The ship rocked again.


Valentine: "Ten seconds."

"I can see the exit now, Captain," Kavan said.

"Three seconds..."

Ensign Barber (NPC): "Engineering to bridge! We've just lost power to the warp 

The Vanguard emerged from the Borg conduit.

"That was close," Santos said. "What are our present coordinates?"

Valentine looked at her board. "My panel seems to be experiencing...there it 
is. Sir, you're not going to believe this: Our present location does not appear 
on any Federation starcharts."

Quetan said: "Nick, you better have a look at this."

Santos joined Quetan at her panel.

"According to the universal calendar, we are anywhere from 75 to 150 years in 
the future from when we entered the corridor!"

 Can you be more specific??

Zena shook her head.  Space-time appears to be in constant flux.?

Santos turned to Kavan.  Mister Kavan, prepare for effects from the Non 
Sequitur Effect.?

Kavan:  Sir??

Quetan grinned at him.  We?ll explain later. Look out for things that don?t 
make sense.?

[Note: The  Non Sequitur Effect? is an inside joke. It was used on the last 
voyage of the Astoria to explain why two posts?nearly simultaneously posted?had 
the Astoria both under attack in orbit, and docked planetside. The  Non 
Sequitur Effect? is presented, naturally, when things happen that don?t follow 
logically from something else. Hint to Messrs Steve, Alex and Mark.] J

Valentine had another report.

"Sir, we're being hailed. Signal is very faint, but appears to be...Federation."

Santos walked toward a viewscreen.

"Open a channel. Audio only."

=/\= "Greetings, Vanguard! We are tri-honored and have been hap-expecting you! 
It is not every due day that we have the chance to meet-encounter our 
ancestors. We pray-hope you will join us..." =/\=

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