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The following post takes places immediately after Aliyah?s last post and 
sometime after the introduction between Dr. Droin and Shar. I apologize if it 
disrupts the exchange between Droin and Shar, although I hope they will find a 
creative way of letting us know what happened in the hours between their posts 
and my post. I have confidence they will find a way!

A word on promotions: Everyone on the Vanguard game is deserving of a 
promotion, although some of you are so highly-placed that it will soon become 
impossible to promote you beyond what you are.

At the start of the Astoria, I had only ever planned on promoting to lieutenant 
commander (and the rare commander), without realizing that day would come much 
quicker than I had imagined. That day is here. I hope you realize what you?ve 
accomplished, especially since our promotion system is a bit more challenging 
(and a bit more slow-paced) than most. To achieve the rank of lieutenant 
commander or commander is very commendable and shows years of dedication to 
this game!

On the other hand, being a lieutenant or lieutenant junior grade is certainly 
nothing to sneeze at, either. We had players who tried for months and simply 
never got through, simply because I like (and have made clear I like) 
consistent contributions along our guidelines but also longevity on the game. 
Sometimes, promotions occur for a combination of both.

Congratulations to those being promoted. And thanks to everyone who continue to 
support this game with their time and creativity.

This post is the first part of a much longer post. I haven?t written Part II 
yet, but it?s all in my head. I thought this was enough for now.


Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard ? Captain?s Ready Room
After all recent posts

?I have a feeling this isn?t about the promotion you?re rumored to get,? Santos 
told Aliyah Lopez.

?Am I being promoted?? she asked.




?Beg pardon??

?I said, why? There are other officers on this ship with more experience, who 
make more contributions than I do. Why me? And is there anyone else??

?M.J. Valentine.?

Aliyah nodded.

?This isn?t because?you and I??

?No,? Santos said quickly. ?No more ensigns.?

?Now you?ve lost me.?

?The senior officers on this ship have been through heaven and hell together. 
Each one of you deserves more than being an ensign.?

?There are plenty of ships in the fleet where the senior officers are ensigns, 
enlisted personnel--you name it.?

?Maybe I decided it?s time we changed.?

Aliyah shook her head, confused. ?Nick, what the hell are you talking about??

Santos rubbed his forehead distractedly.

?Don?t do that,? Aliyah said. Nick?s eyes shot up and met hers.

?You do that whenever you?re upset or distracted.?

Santos laughed. ?That?s what my sister says.?

?Well, she?s right,? Aliyah said.

Santos rose from his chair and stared out at the stars.

?Do you ever think about what you?re going to do after this mission??

?What mission?? Aliyah asked. ?We haven?t had our sailing orders in 
who-only-knows how long.?

?I don?t mean ?this mission.? I?m talking about The Mission, capital ?M.? The 
Vanguard, this crew.?

Aliyah rose from her chair and joined Santos. ?I never gave it much thought, 
Nick. Why the sudden?daydreaming about the future? Maybe it?s something you 
should talk with Jaav about.?

?We?re not that far from the end of our first five-year mission.?

?Would it be possible to have the Vanguard?s mission extended to the standard 
seven years? It wouldn?t be that difficult. I could put the paperwork in to 

?And even if we get it, then what? Two years later, we?ll have this 
conversation all over again.?

?And then, it?s two years away.?

Santos rubbed his nose and studied the stars as if they were the most 
interesting things he had ever seen. In a way, they were.

?I?m going to sound paranoid when I say this, but there are?forces at work in 
Starfleet Command?highly-placed forces?who don?t want to see Project Vanguard 

?You?re right,? Aliyah said.

?I am?? Santos said.

?You sound paranoid.?

They both laughed.

?Nick, remember to live for today. We don?t know what?s going to happen 
tomorrow, but all I can see in front of me is today.?

?That?s better than seeing a planet in front of you, the ?Ah! Ah! We?re going 
to die!? kind.?

?That joke?s not even funny,? Aliyah said, but she laughed anyway.

?We?re having a small dinner in the Captain?s Dining Room tonight. Senior 
officers only.?

?What?s the occasion?? Aliyah asked.

?There are a few things we need to talk about.?

?As in ?you and I,? or???

?I mean, the entire crew.?


?I?ll see you later,? Santos said.

?All right then,? Aliyah said. She turned and left Santos to his own thoughts.

Moments later, the chime rang.

?Come in,? Santos said. Without turning around, he said, ?Aliyah, remind me to??

?Sir, do you want me to send for Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald??

?It takes longer to say her name than for her to get here from across the 
ship,? Santos said.

Executive Officer Soman Drath chuckled as Santos studied him. Having known his 
first officer for years, he knew when the Bajoran was not in the mood to joke.

?Come in and sit down, Commander. You look like a man with something on his 
mind. Tea?? Santos asked, walking toward the replicator.

?Bajoran Chrysanthemum would be nice,? Soman said, taking a chair.

?Tea, Bajoran, hot. Orange juice, chilled, no pulp,? Santos ordered. The drinks 
appeared in the replicator moments later.

The two men sipped their drinks, each waiting for the other to speak first.

Soman Drath broke the silence.

?Sir, consider this an official request for sabbatical.?

Santos nodded, taking the news calmly.

?May I ask why??

?With all due respect, sir, I?d prefer not to say.?

?Does this have anything to do with the pilgrimage that all Bajorans must make 
at least once in their lives??

Soman looked stunned that Santos knew.

?Permission granted.? Santos stood. ?Walk with the Prophets, Soman Drath. How 
long do you think you need??

?It?s different for everyone, Nick. I might be gone a week, I might be gone for 
a year, or ten. Who knows??

Santos nodded. ?You will always have a family on board this ship. We are only 
ever a communicator chime away.?

?Thank you, sir. I think it?s best if I leave immediately. On Bajor, my people 
ordinarily would not tell anyone, not even our closest friends or family 
members. We simply leave. And it?s understood that we are heeding the call of 
the Prophets.?

?I understand. I?ll let the others know.?

Soman nodded.

Santos remained standing and watched as Soman left. Santos didn?t ask how Soman 
planned to disembark or how he would reach Bajor. That was all part of the 
pilgrimage, and something he had to do alone.

Minutes later, Santos called Zena Quetan and Cynan Mandrake into his Ready Room.

?Yes, sir?? Quetan said.

?Nick,? Mandrake said, taking a seat and yawning.

?Late night, Commander?? Santos asked Mandrake. The helmsman grinned and 

?Zena, how do you feel about the Second Officer?s position??

Quetan scratched a spot on her neck. Interestingly enough, Santos noticed, it 
was one of her ?Trill spots.?

?Other than arranging banquets in Event Horizon and taking over as XO once or 
twice, it hasn?t affected my duties as Science Officer.?

?Zena Quetan,? Santos said officially, ?I am hereby appointing you Acting 
Executive Officer of the USS Vanguard, the position to be official and noted 
for the log forthwith.?

?This is all rather sudden,? Quetan said.

?Do you feel confident about this?? Santos asked.

If Quetan had answered immediately?and Santos didn?t expect her to?Santos would 
have had his doubts. But rather, she took her time and formulated a reply. ?If 
you get me up to speed on what Mister Soman was doing, yes, I think so. Bajoran 

?Yes. How did you know??

?After several lifetimes, there?s not much I don?t know about many cultures.?

Santos nodded with satisfaction.

?Congratulations, Ms Quetan,? Santos said, shaking her hand.

?That?s great,? Mandrake said. ?Can I go back to my seat now to make sure we 
don?t crash into a planet??

?What?s everyone?s preoccupation today with crashing into planets?? Santos 

?What?? Mandrake frowned.

?Nothing, never mind,? Santos replied.

?Captain, if there?s a problem with my being at helm, I?d appreciate knowing.?

?Cynan, if anyone did have a problem, I?d bring it to your attention. Now, with 
Zena?s approbation, I?d like to offer you the position of Acting Second 

?What?? Mandrake exclaimed.

?We need a commanding officer, an executive officer and a second officer. Zena 
can?t do both jobs at the same time.?

Mandrake looked around. Zena looked at him and smiled, as if to encourage him.

?Can I give you an answer later? Like Zena said, this is all very sudden.?

?Of course,? Santos said.

?Thank you, sir.? Mandrake turned and left.

Zena and Santos grinned at one another.

?He?s hesitant. And so were you. I like that.?

Quetan nodded. ?I know.?

?Now, let?s talk about the state of the Vanguard.?

When they finished, Santos called for Craig Kavan.

?Captain,? Chief Petty Officer Kavan greeted Capt. Santos.

?Chief,? Santos said. ?There will be an informal supper in the captain?s dining 
room tonight. Please make sure that the duty shifts of all senior officers are 

?Certainly, sir.?

?And I?d like you to attend.?

?It would be an honor.?

?That?s all, Mister Kavan.?

Kavan nodded and left.

[Later that night, as supper finishes.]

?May I have your attention, please?? Santos said, rising to his feet. ?It?s 
time to dance for your dinner: I have a few announcements to make.?

?Oh, boy, here it comes,? said Sam McCaw.

?Here what comes?? Des asked him.

?Here?s where he tells us that the Vanguard is being scrapped.?

?Now you?re just being persnickety, Mister McCaw,? Dr. Droin said.

McCaw shrugged.

?Let?s start with the introductions, shall we. First of all, I?d like to 
welcome aboard Mister Shar, who will be serving as our new Intelligence 

They applauded Shar, who nodded and smiled at the Captain.

?Mister Shar will be joining Ceelak Nostrova, our exchange officer, who will be 
making a transition into Security and heading up the Security department as our 
new Chief Security Officer.?

They applauded Ceelak Nostrova. As all eyes turned to him/her, he/she did not 
change sexes (although some were hoping to catch him/her mid-gender).

?Finally, I have two promotions: M.J. Valentine and Aliyah-Amores 
Lopez-Fitzgerald, will you please join me at the head of the table??

The Stellar Cartographer and JAG Officer did.

?For duty above and beyond, for bravery and courage and for unswerving devotion 
to this vessel, I hereby appoint you both lieutenant junior grade with all 
rights and privileges. Ladies, gentlemen and transgendered beings, I present 
Lieutenant Lopez-Fitzgerald and Lieutenant Valentine.?

They were applauded, nodded at their fellow officers and took their seats again.

?One last announcement and I?ll let you return to your coffee and chocolate 
cake. Zena Quetan will you join me, please.?

She did.

?As of earlier today, Soman Drath has departed this vessel for personal 
reasons. We don?t know when he?ll return, although we all hope it will be soon.

?In the meantime, I am hereby appointing Zena Quetan Acting Executive Officer??

There was applause at this, and Santos waited for them to finish.

??and as part of her new duties, comes the promotion. Lieutenant Zena Quetan, 
for how you?ve inspired this crew, for being an exemplary officer both on duty 
and off, I hereby promote you to lieutenant commander.

?Ladies, gentlemen and transgendered beings: Lieutenant Commander Zena Quetan.?

[End Part I.]


The second part of my post will take place away from dinner, so feel free to 
post what you like.

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