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She'ra (Rosales) Khan
OFF:Andy, I didn't know how else to get in on the action, so this is what i 
thought about.
ON:  She'ra walked into Aidan's room and kissed him lightly on the forehead. He 
was asleep and looked as though he was having a great dream. She then walked 
over to Trisha's room. Trisha had a book covering her chest. She'ra smiled, 
picked up and placed it on the nearby table along with a picture of a the 
Reymora system. She then pulled Trisha's blanket up to her shoulders and kissed 
Walking back into her room that she shared with her husband, She'ra sat down 
beside him.  He pulled gently on her hair.
She'ra: Sorry I woke you Rob.
Robert: No problem, you ok?
She'ra: I'm fine. go back to sleep.
Robert: You're lying. 
He got up and pushed off the bed to kneel infront of her. He moved her hair 
behind her ear and smiled up at her.
Robert: talk to me or neither of us is  going to get any sleep commander.
She'ra smiled at him. She poked his nose before taking a deep breathe.
She'ra: I got a message from the Vanguard today.
Robert: The one you were on with Captain Santos?
She'ra: Yes. I don't what's wrong and no body want's to tell me anything but I 
feel that I should be with them now.
Robert: I don't understand She'ra.
She'ra: Me neither. Please understand that I must follow this up. I have to. I 
can't get intouch with admiral Santos but I'm sure I can find the Vanguard.
Robert stood there and stared up at her. The tears was stinging her eyes. She 
bent her head down and rested her forehead on his. His arms went around her and 
he pulled her up and into a hug.
Robert: Go.
She'ra: Are you sure? I couldn't leave you with both the kids.
Robert: I know you She'ra and you would not be happy here not knowing what was 
wrong. I can manage, besides, Declan can keep an eye on Trisha and Aidan while 
I'm in engineering. Don't worry.
She'ra pushed out of his arms and kissed him. The tears were no running down 
her face.
She'ra: Thank you. I love you.
Robert: I love you. Not let's get some sleep.
****The next day****
Computer: In coming message from Admiral Dominic Santos.
Robert: honey, you might want to get this!
She'ra: Who's it from?
Aidan: Admiral Dominic Santos.
At the sound of She'ra's old captain's name her head snapped up. She wrapped a 
towel around her body and ran into their bedroom where Robert, Trish and Aidan 
were wrestling on the bed. She reached for the LCARS.
CMDR She'ra Rosales
First officer 


Let me get this straight, you're going into a village of people that wants to 
kill you for an earn that belongs to a monster that wants to kill you?

Tao, The Beastmaster

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