[USS Vanguard] RPG: Backstage

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 20:46:34 +0100 (BST)

Nestled back against one of the immense pillars of the cathedral, Kieran stared 
up at Bernini?s monument to Alexander VII with more than a touch of wonder, 
even after all the centuries. It was merely a holo-creation, he knew, a 
recreation of a work that had long ago been secluded behind glass and 
protective casings, but it was still an incredible piece.


?A church, Kieran?? the familiar voice appeared behind him, behind the pillar, 
but he didn?t move.


?Not just a church, perhaps the single most significant religious structure in 
human history.? The holographic preacher came into his line of sight, staring 
up at the baroque glory of death lifting the funereal drapery and showing the 
world that Alexander?s hourglass was empty.


?Striking.? It finally offered, before looking around at the rest of the 
church. ?St Peter?s Basilica? what brings you here??


?Bernini?s crowning work.? Kieran nodded towards the immense marble composite 
without rising. ?Bernini demonstrates an incredible ability to improvise by 
incorporating the pre-existing architecture ? in this case the door ? into the 
work, an ability probably only surpassed by Michaelangelo?s frescoes in the 
Sistine Chapel, and they are nowhere near this big. Coupled with subtle 
elements like the thorn in the globe beneath the foot of the statue of Truth 
emanating from England ? representing the split of the Anglican church from the 
Catholics, and the incredible eye to blend the tones and colours so 
exquisitely, it makes this probably the most technically brilliant piece in 
this entire city.?


Having finished his surveyance of the piece he slowly rose to his feet and 
turned to face the holofigure slowly, eyes set and shoulders squared back.


?I don?t think, however, that you came to appreciate the relative merits of the 
Holy See?s renaissance wonders, did you? So I?ll ask you? why are you here??


?This is where I belong, this is where I come from, and where ? now that you?ve 
uploaded me from that little portable prison you call an emitter ? I return.?


?You mistake the question? I don?t mean why have you appeared now that someone 
is here in the Meditation Suite? I mean why are you here aboard the ship? I 
gave your story of achieving an emergent sentience from a sufficiently advanced 
holo-programme a little credence before, in light of a lack of other evidence.


Now, though, we have evidence of other holographic sentiences with less than 
pleasant intentions?.why are you here?? This time, when he asked, there was an 
edge to his voice, a stern tone that didn?t appear often, and wasn?t 
particularly pleasant.


?Ah, yes, well?.? The programme paused, contemplating something, looking away 
briefly before looking him squarely in the eye. ?I? I?m not one of them, 
exactly. Same group, different department, you might say.? He tried a smile, 
but Kieran?s flat gaze wasn?t returning it, and with a sigh it continued.


?I?m sure you?re going to expect me to repeat this later for everyone?s 
benefit? can?t you just assemble them all now and we can do it all at once??


?If that?s the way you want it, we can do that. Into the holo-emitter you go, 
then.? The resigned look on the holo-figure?s face appeared genuine as it 
dissolved into the background energy of the holographic building and the coding 
transferred itself to the small device in Kieran?s hand which he immediately 
put into a stand-by mode as he turned towards the exit.


?Darkwater to Commander Quetan, I?ve something I think you should see.?


Off> Just another little thread into the weave, as it were - I'm not going 
anywhere in particular with it, so feel free to jump in :).


Incidentally, Bernini?s statue is just one of a number of incredible sights at 
St Peter?s and the Vatican Museums; I recommend anyone who gets the chance to 
goes and spends at least a day there. I did, and I?m about as religious as 
Stalin, and it was an incredible experience.

If anyone knows which film/show the quote ?same people, different department? 
comes from I?d appreciate you letting me know before it drives me nuts!

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