[USS Vanguard] RPG: Back to the Future, Part II

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Capt. Dominic Santos and Qbed
USS Vanguard - Event Horizon Lounge
Following: Eric's "The Dream Continues," Alexa's "Out of the Darkness,"
and Alec's "Black Coffee"

[Note: I know Mark and Seth are "out there," too, but I placed Mandrake
in the shuttlebay, and I assume Kye's finished his physical exam.]

[Previous, from Eric (d'Angelo)]

Sweat drips from his forehead, "One basket full, another one to go",
thinks Denville, "Dreaming, am I dreaming?".

[Previous, from Alexa (Droin)]

"I tried hard to search out others, but my mind was closed." She shook
her head, reliving the pain. "I felt naked and alone."

[Previous, from Alec (McCaw)]

Sam didn't notice anyone entering the now deserted bar area.  He was
engrossed in his private musings. All he heard was the night barman's
quiet reply "Him? Insomniac. Been coming here around this time for
weeks. Mabye it was those freaky mirror people or mabye it was the
Nexus that shook him up. No, now I remember! It was a girl, said he
didn't want to talk about it, who am I to argue heh?"

[New, from Andy (Santos)]

To McCaw's surprise, Capt. Santos entered the bar. McCaw grinned. Their
first meeting was also in a bar, he recalled.

McCaw watched as Santos smiled and nodded at something the barman said
as the bartender slid a glass of orange juice across the counter.

Santos emptied half the glass in one long pull. He set the glass down
and thanked the bartender, looking around Event Horizon. McCaw caught
his eye and nodded, beckoning him over.

"What am I doing?" McCaw thought. "Gesturing at the captain like a
cadet calling over a pip-chasing bargirl."

To his relief, Santos smiled and took a seat at the table.

McCaw: Captain.

Santos: Can't sleep?

Santos sipped his juice and studied McCaw over his glass.

McCaw shook his head.

Santos: Let me guess--problems with women. Or one woman, specifically.

McCaw: Right on the first, right on the second. You seem like a person
speaking from experience.

Santos sipped his juice and said nothing.

Santos: To paraphrase an imminent figure in Fleet mythology--"Having
something is never as satisfying as desiring something. It's not
logical, but in my experience, it's true."

McCaw: Kirk?

Santos: Close...Spock.

McCaw: Huh.

Santos: When are you going to shave? And get a haircut? You've been
back from your year off for some time now.

McCaw (cheeky): Could ask you the same thing.

To Sam's surprise, Santos tossed his head back and laughed.

McCaw: I'm going for that Klingon look, you see. Undercover assignment.
Anyway, why aren't you asleep?

Before Santos could reply, Sam saw Droin and d'Angelo from the corner
of his eye.

They ordered at the bar, Droin telling the barman to place d'Angelo's
order on her account. D'Angelo raised his drink to thank her.

Santos turned, following McCaw's gaze, and waved the pair over to their

Santos stood and pulled out a chair for Droin, who took a seat with
some surprise.

Droin: And they say chivalry is dead.

D'Angelo: Here's an intelligence report--it is.

Santos: Oh, for the good old days, right?

McCaw: Primitive food, no technology, clans constantly at war with one

Santos: Is that their time? Or ours?

The quartet laughed.

Droin: So, Captain, where are we headed? You've been secretive.

Santos: We're rendezvousing at Starbase Gamma to await further orders.
I just want a quiet cruise with no surprises.

McCaw raised his glass, the other three following his lead.

Quartet: No surprises!

Suddenly, a bright flash appeared before their table.

[New, from Randi (Qbed)]

"Qbed reporting for duty!"

The cheery voice started Santos and he spun around. "You!" he

"Yes, 'tis I, your friendly neighborhood Q.  Where would you like me 
today, Cap'n?"

He glared at her. "Picard didn't like you.  Sisko didn't like you.  By 
all accounts, Lee didn't like you.  Please, I'm dying to know, what, 
exactly, recommends you?"

She stared at him a moment. "Um...I think you better check your facts a

little.  Picard and Sisko didn't like Q, not me.  And Lee and
I...whatever made you think he doesn't like me?  And Sam will vouch for

She smiled.

He didn't. "I don't see why I should allow a Q to remain on my ship,"
he said.

She sighed. "Okay, Cap'n, sir, with all due respect, I'm omnipotent and

stuff.  I know the future, 'member?  You'll let me on board.  And, who 
knows, maybe we'll even be friends some day.  Whaddya think about

He didn't answer.

"Well, I'm seeing that conversational opportunities are dropping fast 
here, so I'll just...go."

She wavered a minute, then vanished.

"Computer!" Santos shouted. "Locate the Q."

"Q is not on board," the computer answered.

"Yeah, about that," her sourceless voice told him. "When I disappear, 
I'm not really on your plane anymore.  In fact, sometimes?  I'm not on
your plane when I *am* there.  Don't think about it too hard; you'll
get a headache.  We'll talk more later.  Toodles."

The apparently-disembodied voice startled him more than he cared to 
admit. "Oh, for the good old days," he mumbled, "when we didn't have to
worry about Q popping out of the woodwork."



He looked around. "I really don't like talking to air," he said
plaintively. "People think I'm crazy."

"Oh, sorry." She sat sedately in midair, chewing on a fingernail. "What

do you humans mean by 'the good old days'?"

"Good old days?  I guess...simpler times.  Why?"

"Well, your captain doesn't like me.  I was gonna grant him a gift, a 
wish he made."

"Oh," Sam replied, a bit distracted. "Well, that's great.  Look, I'll 
see you later, okay?"

She grinned. "You should say, 'I'll see you earlier,' " she told him, 
and again vanished.

[New, from Andy (Santos)]

In Auxiliary Storage Room A-44A, Qbed reappeared, sitting in front of
an old-fashioned weavers' loom.

She began weaving, playing with the space-time continuum, until the
thread that marked the Vanguard crossed another thread representing

Dominick de Santos rode his white war-charger, flanked on either side
by Samuel and Den. Behind them came the royal train.

Q peeked out, smiling at what she saw. The white-haired woman opposite
her seemed distracted.

Qbed: Oh, cheer up. This is what you people wanted.

[Droin]: M'lady?

Qbed (sighing): Nothing.

De Santos: At arms! We approach the castle!

The party come to the gate and enter unchallenged.

In the outer courtyard, two men approach.

First Man: Welcome to Castle Vaughn Guard! We've been expecting you.
Please, come this way.

De Santos: I go nowhere with you, old man, until I see that my charges
are safe.

Second Man: You have my word the ladies are. Now, please, your men and
I need to come with us. They've been expecting you, and it's dire you
speak with them.


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