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  • From: "Peter-Jan Hanekamp" <p.hanekamp@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 16:10:49 +0100

Lt. Highwaij
USS Ghormley / USS Vanguard
After Good things come in small packages

Highwaij looked around as the appeared on the Ghormley,
somehow he managed to get in their computers, as the other
crewmembers went to sickbay.

As thew others had left Highwaij looked at his computer screen 75% he had 
downloaded allready,
from his engineering kitt he grapped a tool and got up
He walked back to the plaque as he smilled.  A few minutes later hew was
back at his computer 99% it was going fast, but  not fast enough

There where alot things more to do around this old ship, look at the 
different rooms
then his computer gave him a signal. It was ready, he quickly looked at the 
records, he saw that a lot of them where damaged
and some incrypted but he whould worrie about that later he grapped his 
gear, his computer and a small bag
and walked to sickbay, but before he could reach it he appeared back on the 

As they appeared on the Vanguard Highwaij noticed the tribble, he knew
both medical and science had some work to do.
He looked at Zena "I didn't know you had a pett" he said laughing
then he walked to the doors "Permission to leave for the bridge" he said

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