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Lt. Highwaij Communications officer
USS Vanguard Bridge
During / After "RPG: Saladin"

As the ship rocked from the explosions of the graitic mines Highwaij hold 
his station
as they activated the vieuw screen he could see millions of them.
Highwaij heared Kavan's answers about the shield status, he quickly 
concentrated back to his station
he was looking for an entry/exit point as soon as they had entered the field 
with mines.
"Sir!" Highwaij turned. "We're approximately two minutes from an entry 

A few moments later they shields where down, as they where about to move 
towards the netry/exit point he had found.
As the computer didn't respond Highwaij started to work on the shields "One 
minute," he  yelled "I'm on it"

As the bridge crew turned silent, you could almost hear everyone counting 
the seconds in their minds.
those 60 secons seemed to last forever, especially the last few.

"Tracer! We've got a tracer!" Valentine said.

"Three seconds!" Highwaij said.

As the mine exploded HIghwaij had only a few % of the shields up, enough to 
protect them
but not enough to protect the shields.

As Highwaij turned to his station, their was a lot of work to be done, he 
noticed something.
he litened to it carefully then looked up at Santos.
"Sir, I'm picking up a distress call, very faint."

"Can you clarify it?" Santos asked.

"No, sir, but you're going to find this hard to believe. It's Starfleet." 
Highwaij said he couldn't believe it himself either.
A little later they where in visual range "Object is in visual range," 
Highwaij said.

"On screen." Santos replayed

Highwaij looked at her, with his own eyes he saw a Starfleet ship.

"That's a Saladin-class destroyer," Santos said.

"Looks like--Mr Highwaij, magnify--NCC-5050 USS Ghormley. Zena?" Santos said 
as he was trying to read the registry

"Magnifing"Highwaij replayed as he did what was asked automaticly.

"Captain"Highwaij spoke up, "Permission to try to activate the Ghormley's 
computer from over here, but I need the security code,
from the Ghormley so I can copy it to our databanks, perhaps even us it's 
own sensors to see what's inside, if their not broken down,
or destroyed"Highwaij said starting preperationsfor it.

Highwaij knew it wasn't normal to use another ship's security codes, to 
crack it database and search for, log, sensors reading etc, even controll 
the ship from another place.
only the Captain of a ship could retrieve them, if he his security clearance 
was high enough.

Highwaij looked back at the ship, he hoped the crew of it where fine, even a 
few of them whould be nice, to listen to their stories, how they got here,
why they where here, there misssions. Offcourse he could see a lot of them, 
at the holodeck, but their last few wheren't recorded, and Highwaij ad 
alway's prefered to listen to stories from others, instead of joining them 
in a holodeck adventure.
His mind drifted away remebering how he listened to the stories told bye the 
elders, and their legends.....

Then he got back to the present time, he looked at Sam, "Ready to get some 
repairs done?" he said to Sam as he activated his console 

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