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Doctor Xristha Droin, CMO
After Santos leaves
USS Vanguard - Shuttlebay Two.
Xristha stood in the background as the officers left, leaving Soman Drath to 
watch the shuttle craft. As it sped off into the cosmos she stepped forward. 
She stood behind the first officer and wrapped one arm around his waist and the 
other around his chest. "Guess that leaves little time for us to be alone." She 
gently rested her head on his shoulder.
He smiled. "I think we can find some time." He turned around to face her.
She returned the smile and ran her finger along his cheek and down his chin. 
He nodded slightly.
She spun on her heels and made her way to sickbay, the thoughts of dinner 
falling to the back of her mind as she ran through a checklist of things she 
had to focus on in sickbay.
The medical facilities were fairly quiet. The ship was safe in a familiar 
environment and the crew were able to get to projects that they may not have 
had time for in the past.
Sickbay was run like a well honed machine. Xristha wasn't a slave driver, but 
the medical staff new that she had high expectations. If people worked hard 
they were rewarded...she made sure of that.
She walked into her office and slowly began to carve away at the pile of work 
that had gone untouched as of late.
She took a sip from her warm tea and smiled. It was good to be on the Vanguard.

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