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Lt. jg. Ceelak Nostrova
Temporal Specialist
USS Vanguard
"All Quiet on the Western Front"

= Engineering =

Ceelak had been in engineering during the meeting of the important people.
That's how the Alorian viewed the senior officers and the chief engineer.
What she had managed to overhear would go in her report home. Her people
were very curious about these species - very curious. She suspected they
were also very entertained. She herself was constantly entertained in her
observations of how they reacted to near disaster. They were very resilient.

How Ceelak had found out about the self-destruction scene had been a matter
of gossip. She had acquired a few friends in engineering and other parts of
the ship - a group of young women who got together for French vanilla coffee
and gossip. Thus she was even more impressed with the captain and the
others. She reported home on their "nerves of steel and clever wit." Yes,
she did pass the joke along, too.

Once her gossip hour was over and her duty shift was finished, Ceelak turned
her thoughts to Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan. She found him quite
interesting and decided to track him down.

She discovered him in his office, so she knocked and then entered.

"Chief," she said, moving her head slightly so her greenish hair rippled
like waves on the sea. "We never really got a chance to do any talking
during our last social meeting. I wonder if I could interest you in a little
dinner. I'll buy."

She gave him a glowing smile which she hoped would prove hard to resist.


Lt. JG Ceelak Nostrova
Exchange Officer

Tag: Mr. Kavan

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