[USS Vanguard] RPG: A Sneaky Stowaway

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[From "A Furry Fugitive"]

Zena fell to the floor and the specimen jar went flying into the air
smashing a few feet away

Santos scrambled to his feet  =/\= Bridge, What the hell was that?! =/\=

The other officers began to pick themselves up off the floor as a
voice replied =/\= It was the Ghormley Sir, it...it just exploded!

The lights flickered back on and all the officers looked at the
shattered glass on the floor and no sign of the Tribble....

[New RPG]

"Ships don't simply spontaneously combust. What did you manage to
retrieve from the Ghormley?" Santos asked.

Quetan looked at Highwaij.

"I have maybe less than 99 percent of their computer records."

"Can't you be more specific?" Santos asked the communications officer.

Highwaij shook his head. "Honestly, their systems were a hundred years
old, and my transfer was interrupted by the transport back to
Vanguard. It's hard to say. But I was close to finishing when I was
beamed out."

Santos nodded. "Ceelak, work with Mr. Highwaij on the records from the
Ghormley. Start with the most recent officers' logs and work your way
back. Try to find anything that may have to do with the Tribble, why
they were out here, and what may have caused the explosion."

Highwaij turned to Ceelak. "Come on. I'll show you the communications
lab I've been working on."

The pair left.

"While our shields are down, we're vulnerable to anyone with a warp
drive and hostile agenda in the vicinity. Mr. Mandrake, Mr. Kavan,
work on alternatives for defending this ship while we wait for word
from Sam."

Mandrake looked at Kavan.

"I've got a slingshot you can use," the second officer said.

"Fantastic," Kavan replied.

"Zena, Xristha: do what you can to find our guest and prevent it from
reproducing. If it reproduces, contain it."

"I'll tell it stories from my dating days back on Farpoint Station.
That ought to put a damper on any thoughts it may have about
reproducing, asexual or otherwise," Dr. Droin quipped.

"Meanwhile, I'll just busy myself back in my lab, right?" Darkwater said.

"As you were," Santos replied.

Darkwater nodded and left, intending to do some investigating of his
own, about the Ghormley's history...among other things.

Santos walked out of the transporter room with Droin and Quetan. They
entered a turbolift.

"Bridge," Santos ordered.

"Sickbay," Droin said.

They rode in silence until Droin quipped, "Never let it be said you
never take us anywhere interesting or show us new experiences, Nick."

Santos grinned but said nothing. "I'll make the announcement to the
crew to be on the lookout...for a Tribble. Use whatever resources and
whomever you need to locate our stowaway."
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