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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard/Starbase Gamma
Concurrent/following Derek's post

[Note: Sorry, Derek, it was a good idea on your part - the holodeck
simulations - but we're going to move ahead toward the ceremony. I'd
like to revisit your idea another time, though. - Andy]

?Captain, USS Vanguard on final approach to Starbase Gamma,? Ensign
Mandrake said.

?Excellent. Signal docking control,? Santos ordered. ?Request docking

Shortly: ?Docking control confirms. We?re taking her in the berth now.?

For every time Santos took Vanguard and her crew back safely into port,
the docking procedure still took his breath away.

The running lights caressed the Vanguard?s hull and the mighty timeship
came to rest, powerless in spite of her majesty, at the command of the
crew she sheltered.

The crew made ready to depart the ship for Starbase Gamma.

?Don?t get into too much trouble,? Santos said to the backs of Soman,
Highwaij, Quetan, Mandrake and Ennien.

He smiled and circled the bridge to Ops display, calling up the
information on Ens. Kieran Darkwater. An interesting service record. He
requested Darkwater?s current location and received the response.

[Minutes later.]

Capt. Santos walked onto Starbase Gamma, awed by its sheer size. He had
heard the Gamma Fleet updated the station, but not to what extent.

He found Darkwater in the station?s data library. The A&A Officer was
lost in thought at a terminal.

Santos cleared his throat.

Darkwater turned around and saw Santos. His eyes went wide, but except
for that little telltale sign, he showed no surprise, seemed a calm
influence. Santos liked him instantly.

Darkwater stood.

?Captain,? he said, nodding.

Santos produced his hand. ?Dominic Santos. And you must be Kieran


?It?s a pleasure. I?ve been waiting for an A&A Officer since our maiden
cruise. I?m glad to see you accepted the assignment.?

?I?ve heard much about the Vanguard.?

?All of it good, I hope.? Darkwater opened his mouth. ?Don?t answer
that. It was just a little joke,? the captain said. To himself: ?VERY

?If you have your things and come with me, I?m sure we can board the
ship together. I?ll give you the ten-cent tour.?

?Aye, sir.?

Santos discovered that Darkwater had most of his belongings held in the
transporter buffer so that he could board the Vanguard quickly when she
put in. The Vanguard had run a little behind due to a strange glitch in
the chronometric systems, and as Santos was fond of saying, ?In
temporal division, time is money. Let?s look at it before we head out.?

Vokar had been confident the discrepancy was nothing to worry about, so
Santos had ordered Vanguard to resume course for Starbase Gamma.

Santos and Darkwater boarded through ventral airlock. Santos took
pleasure in seeing Darkwater?s eyes go wide when he saw the
Federation/Romulan hybrid timeship for the first time.

They were approached by Zena Quetan.

?Captain,? she said, nodding at Santos and looking over at Darkwater
and smiling.

?Ensign Kieran Darkwater, this is our second officer and science
department head, Zena Quetan.?

?Nice to meet you,? Quetan said, shaking his hand.

?A pleasure,? Darkwater replied.

?The kitchen staff said they lost your menu selections, and by the time
they found it, it was too late to put in for requisitions.?

Santos? cheeks puffed out a bit. Without his knowing, he was being
watched by Qbed, who made a note to ask Sam later why humans turned
different shades and why they looked like blowfish when angry.

?Tell them to pack their things and go. If we have to replicate our
food tonight, we will.?

Quetan thought of a response, looked at Santos, reconsidered, and said,
?Aye.? She turned to Darkwater. ?Nice to meet you again.?

Darkwater nodded back.

?Mister Darkwater, I?ll leave you to see about your quarters and settle
into your office. I?m sure you?ve had a long day. We have a ceremony
tonight for promotions and also to welcome you aboard. Suffice to say,
it wouldn?t be the same without you.?

?I?ll be there,? Darkwater said.

?Good! At 2000 then??

?Aye, sir.?

?Now, I?ll leave you to your exploring.?

[And there we have Mr Darkwater, who is now free to get better
acquainted with our ship and its crew. Steven? Anything to add? I hope
I was specific enough in dialogue to move the thread along, but vague
enough so that we can learn more about Darkwater from you.]

Santos retired to his quarters and found to his delight a rare respite
when nothing called his attention. He spent a few hours answering
professional correspondence.

At 1830, he stretched, rose from his desk, showered, and dressed. He
made a final stop at his desktop terminal on his way out his quarters
and saw a strange message.

?You Are Cordially Invited? was the subject line, and it was
by?Desdemona? That woman they had rescued from the hollowed-out probe?

Santos scanned the rest of the message with some surprise. Then he made
his way to Event Horizon to be greeted by a sight he would never

[Over to you all. And, Jane? No pressure, right? ;)]

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