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Sir Dominick de Santos
Longlands - Vaughn Guard
Following Qbed's (Randi) post

De Santos and his train rode hard and entered the courtyard of Vaughn
Guard on the second day.

This all seemed wrong to de Santos--starting where they had begun--and
yet, it was all RIGHT, wasn't it?

The band leapt off their horses as soon as the stable boys approached
them--thieves and innkeeper, warriors and wizards, friends and foes.

De Santos didn't wait to see if the others were following before he
strode into the Throne Room.

In the center sat the Lady of Vaughn Guard. She rose as de Santos and
the others approached her throne. One and all, they sank to their knees
and bowed their heads.

"Your quest is over," she simply said.

As de Santos rose to ask her what this all meant, there was a bright
light. They shielded their eyes and

Capt. Dominic Santos turned over in his sleep and opened one eye.

"Computer, time," he ordered.

"The time is oh-five-thirty hours," the computer replied emotionlessly.

Dominic Santos sighed and turned over. Another hour before he would
wake, shower, and drink his juice before morning shift. Could anything
be sweeter?

But after another 15 minutes of tossing and turning, he couldn't find
the long, dark corridor of sleep.

He sat on the edge of his bed and looked at his office suite. There
were at least two weeks' worth of messages that required his attention,
including personal correspondence, which would take another two hours
to read, organize and reply. The drawbacks to being part of a large

Santos ordered the computer to display his calendar and his week's
schedule. He came more awake as he realized that today was the day the
Vanguard was scheduled to put in at Starbase Gamma, the
newly-re-commissioned Gamma Fleet base of operations.

Showering, dressing and grabbing his PADD, he flew from his quarters on
the way to the bridge.

Santos never even noticed the chain mail glove lying on the mantel,
underneath his Ansel Adams photograph of Half Dome at Yosemite National

Qbed stepped out from behind a corridor and smiled as she watched
Santos half-jog toward a turbolift. Sam McCaw came out and stood next
to her.

"So what did we do all that for?" he asked. "We never accomplished a
great quest or anything."

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy," she grinned. "The QUEST is the quest."

He frowned. "Okay, now I'm confused."

She laughed. "Who cares about a dusty old stone? Or a golden chalice?
What matters is, without even knowing one another, you all pulled
together and worked with one another. For a new crew, I'd say that's
pretty good."

The stellar cartographer mulled that over. "All right, I'll accept
that. But you're buying breakfast. We'll have to open Event Horizon
since we can't seem to find a lounge manager Santos actually likes."

Qbed grinned her mysterious grin. "You have a deal. But don't worry
about the Event Horizon. I'd say all that's about to change..."

Sam's frown deepened.

"How do you do that?" Qbed asked.

"Do what?" McCaw asked.

"Just when I thought you couldn't frown any more, you manage to
surprise me."


Santos emerged on the bridge.

"Good morning, Captain," NPC Challis handed Santos a PADD. He glanced
at the inventories, security precautions, and engineering updates and
signed off on them.

"Thank you," he said, handing back the PADD.

Santos looked up and saw Soman Drath at his station.

"Ex-Oh," he said, stepping down to the helm and ops position. He took a
moment to nod and smile at Cynan Mandrake. His intuition told him he
owed Mandrake for a favor done not too long ago, but he couldn't
remember what. He shook off the cobwebs. 

"We rendezvous at Starbase Gamma at 1030 hours. We're scheduled to meet
with Ensign Darkwater, our new A&A Officer."

"Excellent! We're overdue at Angel One, and I've put in a request to
Starfleet months ago, even before Vanguard was commissioned!"

"Aye sir," Soman Drath said, not knowing what else to say. Capt Vanier
Lee, his former CO, and the CO for most of the senior staff aboard
Astoria, was particularly opposed to announcing ship's business and
operations on the bridge, especially within earshot of the other

Santos took his seat with a large grin. Mr Highwaij peered at him,
wondering why the captain was in a particularly jovial mood.

"Let's arrange a banquet in Mr Darkwater's honor, shall we? And while
we're at it, I'd say a promotions banquet is overdue."

Soman Drath and Zena Quetan looked at one another.

"Aye sir, shall I make arrangements with the kitchen?" Quetan asked.

Santos looked at them both, his mood darkening slightly. "What is this?
You're the XO and you're the Second Officer. Don't we have someone for
this purpose? I really need to get with Admiral Sayer on this."

Before Quetan could reply, her sensors rang out.

"Captain, long range sensors detect a cylindrical object." She read out
the coordinates, dimensions and weight.

"That's too small for a probe, but about right for a torpedo casing.
What's it doing out here? On screen."

Highwaij complied.

They saw a stasis chamber on the viewscreen.

Soman Drath prepared his analysis, which is precisely what Lee would
have expected. But without another word, Santos shot up, said "Have it
beamed aboard to Cargo Bay 2, protective force field level 3, and have
Doctor Droin meet me there. Quetan, Ennien: you're with me. Mister
Soman, you have the bridge."

OoC: Over to you, Desdemona!

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