[USS Vanguard] RP: The Vanguard Halloween Spook-tacular (or, "The World's Most Cliched Title")

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OT: Just something I thought might be a little fun to get in the spirit
of the season, something to keep our keyboard fingers warm until we
arrive at Angel One and the men (and Desdemona) move on to their next

We're also waiting for news about staff changes, so in the
meantime...jump in for a few days.

P.S. Ignore my last email. Stupid Yahoo! reacting to a slip of the
keyboard... ;)

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Capt. Dominic Santos
Following Chris' post
Event Horizon Lounge

Dominic Santos met Soman Drath outside the XO's quarters. The
Vanguard's commanding and executive officers grinned when each man saw
the other. They had both worn their midnight-black Covert Operations

"Ready? Let's go," Santos said.

"Better make fewer trips to the Tuscadero Dining Room, Captain," Soman
said with a smirk. "That uniform's looking a little tight around the

"I've heard all I'm going to hear from the Peanut Gallery," laughed

As they approached their destination, Soman Drath spoke up: "What do
you think about our policy changes?"

Santos paused, as if to mull over the wisdom of broaching a long
discussion about staff politics, this night of all nights.

"I think we've made the wise choice," Santos finally said, nodding his
head. "Highwaij has always had a talent with language and technology.
Communications will be a natural fit. As for d'Angelo, I can't imagine
a position that would make him happier. We're in good hands."

"We need a replacement at Ops," Soman said.

"I know it," Santos replied. He clasped Soman on the shoulder. "Don't
worry--I know Operations is special to you. We'll find the right
candidate. But let's enjoy ourselves."

The two men stood in front of the door to Event Horizon. The
turbo-doors parted as each man took a step toward them.

Santos and Soman were greeted by the sight of the Event Horizon Lounge,
immersed totally in darkness, except for the light from hundreds of
candles, short and tall, large and tiny. It looked like an abattoir.

Desdemona approached them, dressed in a skintight black dress which
seemed to shimmer with each step she took. She wore bright red lipstick
and purple-black eyeliner. The effect was astounding.

"Captain, Commander," she grinned through ruby lips and handed each a
drink. It was brownish; smoke rose from their goblets.

"Welcome to our All Hallow's Eve Party," she said. "Please, enjoy
yourselves." She grinned again, looking each in the eye, turned on her
heel and shimmied over to some of her other "guests," putting her arms
around their shoulders and laughing when they jumped.

Santos looked at Soman. Soman looked at Santos.

"Quite a lady," Santos said, frowning at the drink in his hand.

"Try it," Soman said. "It's actually quite good. Bittersweet. And, yes,
I agree she is."

As the two men looked around, they saw the other officers, laughing and
having a good time.

Just as they had begun to relax and look about, Desdemona clapped her
hands, bringing the assembled to attention.

"Everyone, thank you for being here tonight. I'd like to thank you for
joining me and welcoming me." As they applauded, with Soman and Santos
clapping as enthusiastically as anyone else, Desdemona threw her arms
into the air, smirking at them, and swiveling her hips.

"As you know, tonight is traditionally the night of All Hallow's Eve on
the old Earth calendar. And for centuries, your ancestors--those of you
who are Terran, anyway--told stories to one another. Stories that
chilled and excited them.

"Why ruin a perfectly good tradition? So tonight, we're going to tell
each other ghost stories."

The officers "ooohed" in mock fear.

Desdemona lifted her eyebrows, her smile never faltering. "Who knows?
You may laugh now, but maybe later, you'll be huddling together in your
beds to comfort one another.

"Now, who will begin?"

[To Be Continued?]

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