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OoC - Great posts written so far by Andy and Steve. I hope I don't
      screw 'em up too much with my bumph! Apologies too for the
      timeframe jumps in this, but I'm trying to fit everything into
      the posts that have already been written.
      Wonder what Lela's additions will be like... can't wait to
      have a read :) 

[Marks Additions]
  [Previous/During to/a "A Fistful of Misery" (Mark/Cynan)]
  [Snip from "Project Libra" (Andy)]
  Light-years away, Mandrake's "lieutenant" thumbed the phaser to
  maximum and pointed it at Mandrake's head.
  "Tell me one reason I shouldn't aerate you...'boss.'"
  Cynan reared up his head and laughed. The lieutenant just looked
  around wondering what was so amusing. A moment passed and Cynan
  lowered his head back down, with a facial _expression that would
  could kill, and stared into his would-be successors eyes.
  Cynan: "Well you see, Bugsby, this small vile that I wear around
          my neck *holding it up* contains a very small, but quite
          powerful explosive... and if you should fire that weapon
          at this range, I ain't the only one that?s gonna go with
  Bugsby: "Huh.. you're bluffing.", he said with an ease of
  Cynan: "Since we've worked together, have you ever known me to
  Mandrake took two steps closer, phaser now firmly pressed against
  his forehead.
  Cynan: "Go on. Press it.. and I'll see you at the gates of hell."
  Bugsby re-griped the phaser, contemplating his next move. His
  hesitation however, was all that Mandrake needed to grab Bugsby?s
  arm and twist it behind his back.
  Cynan: "I will not withstand disloyalty, and certainly not
  That, was the end of Bugsby.

[Andy's Post]
  Fleet Captain Dominic Santos
  The Alien Vessel
  After All Recent Posts
  [Stop the engines,] ordered Jiggs, friend to Desdemona and captain of
  the vessel used by Santos and some of the Vanguard's crew to seek out
  Cynan Mandrake.
  [Captain, we're approaching the last reported coordinates of the
  Starfleeter,] the helm said.
  [Excellent. Call up their captain.]
  Santos, Jaav E'thexx and Desdemona appear on the small bridge.
  "This is it," Jiggs growled at Santos. "Your man's last reported
  "Thank you, Captain. If I may make a suggestion, you might want to
  raise your shields."
  "Ha!" Jiggs replied. "These 'pirates' have never been a problem for
  "Oh, I don't know. Mandrake is very resourceful. If he's been working
  with them this long, they probably have new capabilities. Anyway, it
  wouldn't hurt."
  "Jiggs," Desdemona began, "don't be so stubborn. We know this man
  better than you."
  Jiggs sneered at them and prepared to answer as a red warning light
  rang out on the bridge.
  "Sir! We have two small ships, unknown design, unknown registry,
  on an intercept course!" the helm reported.
  Jiggs looked at Santos, E'thexx and Desdemona quickly before spinning
  toward the viewscreen.
  "On main viewer. Let's look at them."
  The vessels that appeared were no larger than the smallest long-range
  Federation vessel, and barely larger than Runabout shuttlecraft.
  Jiggs uttered a hearty laugh.
  "Comm on," he said.
  "Comm on," the helm replied.
  "Pirate vessels: You bear no markings and carry no insignia. That is
  violation of interstellar law. Turn around and I'll forget that. This
  time. You go on your way and we'll go on ours."
  Jiggs toggled off the comm, satisfied with his performance. Behind
  Santos and E'thexx exchanged a look.
  The response came quickly: "We are the Interceptors of the Pitt
  Contract. Prepare to be boarded. The time for negotiation is over."
  Jiggs laughed. "Arm weapons and raise shields," he told the helm. He
  opened the comm. To the Interceptors: "No."
  Again, there was a short pause, as if the Interceptors were taking
  their orders from elsewhere. Then, the ships moved to flank Jiggs'
  "What are they doing," he barked at the helm.
  "They're flanking us, preparing to fire."
  "Well, first first!" Jiggs barked.
  Before they could respond, the Interceptors opened a salvo, torpedoes
  and phasers. The stunned crew had no time to respond as explosions
  burst around them. Jiggs was knocked to his feet, a bloody gash on
  Desdemona went to check on him.
  "Alive, but barely," she told Santos, brushing her hair out of her
  face. "He's in bad shape."
  Santos spared them a glance then rushed to the helm's side. "Set us
  down on that planet. That's where we need to be, anyway. You can
  them. You can do this--you're the ranking officer."
  The Interceptors' warning came over the comm again: "Prepare to be
  The helm officer looked back at Santos. She nodded. "Setting a course
  for the dark side of that planet. Hold on."
  The vessel set out at full impulse speed, pursued by the
  OoC: Please pass this on to Mark (Cynan) when you're done. Thank you!

[Steve's additions :)]
  Kieran sat nervously in the auxiliary chair on the Vulcan bridge, as
  narrow, predatory vessel arced carefully towards the rendezvous
point. It 
  had taken some argument on his part to get the captain to agree, but
  the argument had been accepted the Vulcans put themselves to the task
  commendably stoic, dispassionate Vulcan fashion.
  "Captain. Sensors report recent weapons fire in this region. Vulcan
  Control is sending out an investigation team." Reported the science
  - one of the science officers, Kieran corrected himself - from the
rown of 
  consoles at the rear of the bridge.
  "Communications," the captain ordered without acknowledging the
  "inform Central Control that we are in proximity, and are also 
  investigating. Download Lieutenant Darkwater's findings so far, as
  Kieran was surprised by the gracious nod in his direction from the
  as they began to move around the planet, following the prominent
  "There it is." he blurted, receiving no reply at all from the intent 
  "Renegade vessel. This is the T'Koro, of the Vulcan Central Control.
You are 
  ordered to stand down and surrender your vessel to inspection on
charges of 
  violating sites of specific scientific interest."
  Kieran raised an eyebrow in a gesture curiously similar to the Vulcan
  practice at that, wondering exactly why that charge had been made and
  for instance, assault against another vessel.
  "Although it seems likely they attacked first," the captain
  without turning, to the unasked question, "we have no direct evidence
  that fact. Thanks to your efforts, however, we do have enough
evidence to 
  suggest that they have been violating archaeological sites." he
  "Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked, feeling uneasy with
his role 
  as an observer. Strange, really, given his occupation, but there was
  difference between observing the unfolding history of a civilisation
  died out a thousand years ago, and watching one unfold before your
  "We are a science vessel. We have no designated tactical officer.
Have you 
  any training?"
  "A little..." he nodded. Not officially, of course, and not in
  combat, but principles were principles. The captain punched in a few 
  commands, and the screen on the arm of his chair changed displays to
  the scenario before them. Immediately, he smiled, and leant over to
  "If we swing slightly wider, into a higher orbit, they will likely
  lower, seeking to obscure themselves in the upper reaches of the
  and make a shot more difficult. The reaction between their shields
and the 
  material there should be detectable with the sensors on your vessel -
  will give us their shield harmonics. Then we can move in and target
  power systems." The captain nodded, and the helmsman immediately
moved the 
  ship as directed.
  There was a silence for some moments, and Kieran nervously fiddled
with his 
  sleeves, until one of the scientists at the back called out, quietly.
  "Shield harmonic 445 nanometres."
  "Calibrate phasers. Target weapons, shields and propulsion." Four
  bursts, and the battle was suddenly at an end.
  "Come aboard and we'll kill the hostages!" came a threat on the 
  communications system, and Kieran shared a look with the Vulcan
captain as 
  he listened.
  "Hostages, Lieutenant?" the Captain asked, as the screen before them
  a tractor beam reaching out to kill the momentum of the engineless
  "I didn't know they had any." Kieran admitted. "They may not, but I
  guarantee it. A moment, please." He tapped his communicator.
  "Darkwater to Captain Santos."
  "Santos here, Lieutenant. What information do you have?"
  "Sir, as far as we can tell, the ship has no propulsion, weapons or
  Did you hear the claim about hostages?"
  "We did. Is there any truth in it?"
  "I don't know. I didn't see any evidence of it..." He hesitated,
  how much he could risk saying. "They do have several items of
interest on 
  board - a sword in particular." he stressed the word 'sword' hoping
  implication would carry. Might they have discovered Cynan's past?
  "Very well, Lieutenant. Thank your Captain, and standby."
  "Aye sir."

[Marks Additions]
  The first interceptor had been disabled, but the second had
  slipped on by without the detection of the Vulcan ships. The
  Icarus was in a class of its own. Partial stealth technology,
  regenerative shields, coupled with a phased polaron beam weapon
  system borrowed from Dominion sources.
  The ship came up fast from behind and fired. The T'Koro rocked
  with multiple small explosions along its hull - their shields no
  match for the polaron weapons and their return fire only served to
  feed their enemies systems more.
  "Report", the Vulcan Captain calmly demanded.
  "Polaron based beam weapons penetrated our shields and ruptured
   decks 5 through 7, 10 and 15."
  "Polaron... but that?s...", Darkwater began.
  "Dominion. That is correct, Lieutenant." the Vulcan Captain
   finished in anticipation of the statement. "Report, continue."
  "They also appear to have regenerative shielding. Our phaser fire
   is useless.", finished an officer.
  "I don't... no wait, they have a phase variance in their shield
   matrix! And the beams emitter seems to be unstable? in fact, all
   of their systems seem unstable! Fire at these coordinates on my
   mark.... mark!"
  The T'Koro fired, and the Interceptor blew. The blast overloaded
  the polaron beams power grid, which sent a spike into the warp
  core and caused the ship to detonate under its own stresses. For
  a seemingly well designed ship, it had well designed flaws.

  Jigg's ship had made it to the darkside of the moon, and landed
  near the bar reported to be the Pitt's main hangout. The
  Interceptor that had given chase had broken away to aid their
  fellow henchman with the Vulcans.
  [Snip from "A Fistful of Misery" (Me/Mark)]
    [The Moon of Araki, The Dagon Bar]
    Santos burst in, an unrepentant bar turned their heads, Santos
    and his crew threw their weight around, demanding answers.
    [The Moon of Araki, Pitt Contracts Stronghold]
    Cynan was pulled up, York looked on. Pitt herself hid in a
    corner and gave instructions. A single bead of sweat rolled down
    Cynan's face.
  =^= "Santos to Darkwater, come in." =^=
  =^= "Darkwater here, go head." =^=
  =^= "Mandrake is not aboard, I repeat, he is NOT aboard that
       Interceptor.", Santos relayed as he fixed his gaze across a
       room at Cynan being held down by three henchmen.
  =^= "Acknowledged. Darkwater out." =^=

  Back onboard the T'Koro....    
  Darkwater looked at the Vulcan Captain, unsure of his next move.
  The Vulcan however, was not prepared to be held to ransom and has
  already made up his mind. With the remaining Interceptor?s shields
  down, it was easy to scan for life signs and determine that there
  was only a skeleton crew onboard. It was highly improbably that
  any hostages in this situation existed. The Vulcan's boarded the
  ship, and arrested the members not killed in a suicide fire fight
  to the death.

  Back on Araki...
  "You could have been so great". Pitt looked down at Mandrake's
   head, held down onto a table. "You could have been so... good",
   she said with a shy smile as she stroked a nail down his cheek.
  "But no! You have to betray me. Even with your Starfleet career in
   the open right from the start, the risk is too great to keep you
   alive. Not now after these rumours of your 'mission' have come to
  Cynan tried to break free but it was useless. They'd
  underestimated him once to often already, and this time they
  weren't taking any chances. He was a gonna... or so he thought.
  "Now!", shouted a voice from across the room. Dominic Caesar
  Santos dropped his cloak to the floor and jumped on the nearest
  assailant. His comrades, the rest of the ex-Vanguard crew that was
  with him, joined in to save a traitor... a traitor that was their
  In the skirmish, Pitt herself slipped away into the darkness. Her
  henchman slowly dropped in numbers, who were detained for later
  interrogation. Santos and his posse came out triumphant, suffering
  only a few minor wounds.
  As Mandrake stood in the middle, the crew gathered around.
  "Thank you." he said to each of them, looking around at each of
   their faces.
  "I expect a full report on all this by 0800, Cynan."
  "Yes Captain. It'll be there at 07."
  The group was a little uneasy at what to do next and eventually,
  after a long silence, they just returned to the ship and headed
  for home. It was a time of thought, and of self-reflection.

  [Starbase Brigadoon]
  "Come", Santos bellowed as his office door chimed.
  "You asked for me?", Mandrake said after he'd entered.
  "I've read your report and I must say it has a lot of holes, a lot
   of questions that have gone unanswered."
   There was a meeting of eyes, of knowing looks, and an
   understanding between two men who had seen more action then
   Starfleet would ever see nor hear a tale about from either of 
  "Is that all sir?"
  "That'll be all..."
  As Mandrake turned, Santos added one more thing; "There is just
  something that I have to  know. If the Pitt Contract hadn't
  decided you were too great a risk, and we hadn't come to pull you
  out, what would you have done? Would you have stayed?"
  "I think you already know the answer to that one, Dominic. Why
   else would you have come to get me?"
  He headed for the door, and as it swished open, he sighed and
  called back over his shoulder.
  "Maybe once.. but not now. Now, I have a home."
  And with that, he left, leaving Santos along with his thoughts,
  and the prospect of Starfleet?s pending prosecution against Cynan
  for the crimes committed during his 'native' period...
  ...the girl in the bar from his ?test?, his tail, the murderer of
  his bosses during his rise to power within the ranks of the
  organisation and the other countless risks that he?d put others
  in. Evidence was scarce, but nonetheless, Starfleet intended to
  pursue it. They wouldn?t be letting Cynan off that easily.

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