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  • From: Rachel H Duncan <jaynedeaux@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 23:49:55 -0700 (PDT)

*Desdemona B-B*
*New  Vanguard*

Desdemona walked slowly back to the small dwelling
where Trevor's decendants lived, hesistating outside
the door.  Inside, she could hear the giggles and
shrieks of the youngest of the brood as Trevor chased
them around playfully.  She smiled despite herself,
thinking what a truly excellent father he would have
made.  Would make.  Without her, of course, but that
was as it should be, she supposed.

In all her years and many travels among humans, it was
the bond between parent and child that had always been
the most mystical to her.  She could no longer
remember her own parents, or even the time of her
birth.  She could remember precious little before *he*
came into her life.  She sometimes suspected this
might be the result of some sort of trickery on his
part, but the idea of it never bothered her much.  So
heavy was the veil of years that if a few things were
lost in it here and there, it didn't really matter all
that much.  What mattered most, what had always
mattered most, was the moment.

As if summoned by her thoughts of him, a quiet voice
came from very close behind her, "Got a minute?"

She tried to suppress her smile, but found she could
not.  She turned slowly.  "For you, I've got all the
time in the universe."

There, leaning against the trunk of a large tree,
inappropriately dressed in what appeared the garb of a
Pilgrim from ancient Earth, stood the inimitable Q.

"Goody Brown, thou owest me a debt."

"We have a deal," Des countered, "And unless you know
something I don't, it's not time to collect."

"The things I know that you don't could fill volumes,"
Q said, rising from his slouch.  "Walk with me a bit,
won't you?"

Des followed him into the grotto, realizing that she
was not at all suprised to see him.  Ever since she
had joined the Vanguard, she had sensed the ticking
clock of her years.  It was not just all the temporal
travel--though that certainly threw into sharper
relief that of which she had an underlying sense--she
was nearing the end of her mortal voyage.

During every temporal shift, Desdemona experiences
something she explains to others as a kind of "cascade
point" at which she can see through a refraction of
time all of the hypothetical versions of herself.  For
that moment every choice, every outcome, every
possibility is visible to her.  It is something she
has a great deal of difficulty explaining to her human
friends; a mortal mind would likely fracture if it
were to see the cascade point.

Lately, Des knows, there have been more and more empty
spaces in the cascade; more and more corners she could
have turned that would end her existance.  She is only
playing the odds now, and sooner or later it ill be
time to cash in her chips.  She has always hoped it
would be later, but knows that eventually, it will be

Seeing Q here now did not bode well for that hope.

(to be continued...)


OoC:  Suspense!  dundundunn!  I wanted to post this
before anything else happened, but I think it would
run a little long if I kept going tonight.  I'll fine
tune "part two" and post it tomorrow.  Also, please
forgive any nasty typing errors I might've
over-looked.  I don't have access to my WP for spell
checks and such.

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