[USS Vanguard] Pulling it apart

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 12:45:03 +0100 (BST)

The walk back to the temple was, for Kieran, an exercise in puzzle solving. 
Many things here didn't quite seem right, and the more he worked his way 
through them, the less they seemed to fit - unless the assumptions he'd made as 
a basis were wrong.
Once he'd made that leap, things began falling into place a little more easily.
"You seem pensive?" The older Kieran struggled out to the doorway of the temple 
complex where he was leant against the wall.
"Yes... who are you?"
"I'm you, after a fashion."
"No... no you aren't. Why haven't you destroyed the Ark? I would have done, and 
according to your story I'm the person that landed here with it, in terms of 
attitude and experience."
"Well, largely - some differences are inevitable."
"Some, not many, and nothing major. With no obvious evidence of rescue and no 
way to defend a potentially dangerous object like the Ark, I would have 
destroyed it. Why didn't you?"
"Cultural significance."
"That's the best you can come up with? It's not even the original, any more, 
that much is obvious from the mish-mash of styles on the outer casing. 
Whatever's inside is a weapon, regardless of the history."
"So what makes you think I'm not you?"
"It's too convenient. Everyone here that seems to want a family finds they have 
one. I wouldn't trust anyone except, and this is significant, myself - I need 
to have it proven to me. I took all this for granted because I thought you were 
me... but you knew that.
Those people that wouldn't trust anyone don't have family representation here - 
Miss Barret-Brown, Mr Mandrake..."
The silence held, pregnant with possibilities. "So, I ask again... who are you?"
"Kieran!" The call came from nearby, and they both turned to look at the 
approaching figure. "Someone's headed this way, and they're in a hurry."

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