[USS Vanguard] Prisoner

  • From: Qbed <alpha_chan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: USS Vanguard <ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 22:08:06 -0800 (PST)

An uneasiness stole over Q. She had excused herself
from the table and
walk down an ornate corridor to a washroom. A male
attendant averted
his gaze and handed her a towel as she walked through
the door.

Attendant: Good evening, Lady.

Q: Whatever.

She sighed as she splashed water on her face. She
rubbed her eyes
tiredly and opened them.

Her visage looked back in the mirror. And it also
showed someone
standing there behind her. Two someones, precisely.

Q: Whoa!

Ooya: Q? You must come with us.

Q: Discounting the fact you guys have SERIOUS
b.o.--I'm not going
anywhere with you.

The Vorgon look at one another and make a grab for
her. She slips out
of their arms and blinks hard, waiting for the
"sliding" sensation in
her more-mortal mind, the one that will tell her that
she's moved
locations in the space-time continuum. Nothing

Overcome with shock, she feels a hand clamp down on
her arm. It feels
gravelly, she thinks, moments before they press
buttons on the sides of
their "necks."

Her scream of violation radiates out from her in
concentric circles; Dr
Droin turns toward it, Dellan Kye looks up from the
security console on
the Vanguard, even as he's crashing toward the
planet's surface, and
Sam McCaw clutches his head, as if he's just been
plunged into a bad

And somewhere, the core of all the universes, both
theirs and their
twin alternates, shivers a tiny bit at the thought
that the Vorgon have
a fallen Q in their possession, and her friends, HER
FAMILY, are at
that juncture about to fall to their deaths over a
colony planet.

To her surprise, Qbed found that one of the "talents"
she had retained was the ability to understand all
languages. The Starfleet translator was so...tinny,
but she hadn't dared take it off.  But it was gone
now, and she could still understand the two Vorgon.

Still, she decided, it were best if they didn't know
she could understand them.  So, casting her thoughts
in Standard, she spoke, "So what's this all about?"

Ooya turned. "You are our prisoner."

She stifled a smile.  He'd spoken in Standard.  But
her words were disdainful. "Because that's what I was
asking.  Clarification as to my status."

Lanos turned to Ooya. "Spirited," he noted.

"She does not understand yet."

"I *am* in the room!" she interrupted. "Why not
explain things to me, instead of, uh, him?"  But the
pique was a ruse as she searched her memories of her
future for some clue as to what was happening.

"You are something new," Ooya told her.

"Wrong, wrong, and wrong.  Lots of Q have been
stripped of their powers.  Q have been in Starfleet
before.  And there was even another Q who was raised
as a mortal."

"You are the only one who is all three, and fallen in
love with a mortal on top of it."

Qbed blushed. "So what?"

"We wish to study you."

"I'm honored." It came out flat. "But if you're going
to study me, don't you have to keep me in my natural

"We will bring you McCaw if you require."

Suddenly, memories flooded Qbed's mind. "Vanguard's
about to crash!" she exclaimed. "But...you'll save
them...if I promise to stay and be a good Q."

Lanos turned on the "viewscreen: and confirmed it. 
The gesture Ooya made wasn't quite a nod, but she
understood it well enough.

"Q can't break their promises," she said slowly,
watching him. Apparently smug smiles transcend race,
she thought sourly as he "nodded" again.  

She swallowed.  I did want to prove that I was useful,
she reminded herself.  "All right.  I promise to stay
and be a good Q. If you save them and don't interfere
with them."

"Done and done."

Qbed looked out the main "viewscreen" as Vanguard
recovered.  She bit her lip and summoned all her
limited telepathic powers.  Goodbye...thanks, she
projected to--hopefully--all the crew.

OoC:  Surely this isn't the end!  Someone save me!

And, hope this was somewhat what you had in mind,
Andy, when you facilitated my abduction! -_^

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