[USS Vanguard] Preparing for.....

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Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard - Bridge
Following:  Operation: Marathon, or, If I Only Had a Symbiont

> =/\= "The event log shows that something passed through the buoy. It
seemed to have targeted the buoy's point of origin. In this case, us."  =/\=
> Highwaij snapped around. "Tails, go to yellow alert. Lock down the ship.
Check for intruders."
> Tails to Ennien tilted her head at Highwaij and ran from the bridge.
> "What do you think it is?" Highwaij asked McCaw.
> "Whatever it is, I hope it's friendly."


"I agree" Highwaij said to McCaw "I want a sweep around the ship get all
scanners to the maximum,
look back at the old scanner reports" Highwaij said to d'Angelo whom had
just entered the bridge

d'Angelo nodded as he got to work. Highwaij looked at McCaw whom was
allready at work
"Don't worry I'm on to it" he said "It looks like a............."

"What is it" Highwaij said as he walked to mccaw whom turned silent for a

"I've seen a signature like this before, it was Borg' McCaw said whispering

"A signature like this?" Highwaij said "Keep looking I want to be sure, if
yuo need anything or anyone let me know. Try to laungh more of the bouy's
see if they can help you"

'Got it " McCaw said he only needed a few words from Highwaij they new each
other to long not
to understand each other.

Highwaij walked to d'Angelo "Get the shields up, I want weapons on standbye"

"Shouldn't we inform the captain" d'Angelo replayed as he raised the shields

"No, not untill we're sure. If it's nothing i will look like a fool, if it
is something,
well we allready rased the shields and it's up to you to react if we get
under fire" Highwaij said

A few moments later tails got back on the bridge "Everything is fine, no
security breaches,
I've got the second team looking around the ship" Tails said taking her

"Thanks" Highwaij said "If you see anything strange lett me know, I'm
counting on you"
he sat back down in the Captain's chair. "Mr.d'Angelo, keep the shields up
in rotating frequenties,
I don't want any surprises."

Highwaij looked at the main screen as it showed the stars, whom or what was
following them,
was it the borg, but why didn't they show up on the radar, where they
cloaked, or where it Romulans or Klingons,
he needed to know for sure. at this point they where getting further away
from bouy AA
"Helm full stop and turn us around, if there is anything out there we better
face it instead of runnig"

"Highwaij to Drath can you meet me on the bridge" he said using the ships
comm system.

Lt. Highwaij
Chief Communications Officer

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