[USS Vanguard] Preparations

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Counselor Jaav E'thexx
After: A different Romulan

Almost the medical staff of the Vanguard occupied sickbay, Jaav analysed the 
main diagnostic display, quickly making sense of the inventory displayed upon 
it.  Although not a Medical Doctor, Jaav's training in medical management 
qualified him to co-ordinate the medical team in the absence of the CMO.  Jaav 
panned down the inventory once again, double checking the figures, before 
turning to Head Nurse Tenby

E'thexx:  The inventory looks fine for the time being, I'd feel a lot more 
comfortable if we could bolster our supplies of analgesics and stimulants 
though.  With any luck it won't be necessary, but  I'd prefer it if we weren't 
caught with our jumpsuits down.  

Jaav tapped the display, calling up usage charts and more detailed stock 
information, this time turning to the group of medical technicians before he 

E'thexx:  Landers, I'd like you to replicate additional quantities of 
Cordrazine, Isodrenaline, Metapirin and Paranaesthezol, I think if anything 
goes awry they'll be the drugs we'll be relying upon the most.  Monroe, York, 
I'd like you to check all of the emergency medical equipment: the triage kits, 
med tricorders and dermal regenerators particularly.  Run level one diagnostics 
on all the scanning equipment if you have to, repair or replace anything that 
isn't fully functional.  

There was a pause in Jaav's speach, he quickly caught up with himself, double 
and triple checking everything in his mind to ensure nothing was overlooked.  
He swallowed, his throat felt dry.  Xristha had joked about him keeping her 
department in one piece, at the time Jaav had found the comment quite amusing, 
now he wasn't quite so confident that it was going to be as easy as he'd 
originally anticipated.  

Dr. Ixon Hallam was stood on Jaav's immediate left, he was to serve in the 
capacity of Lead Medic throughout any potential crisis that might arise, to 
double check Jaav referred to him.  

E'thexx:  Have I missed anything Dr. Hallam?

Hallam glanced at the inventory and grinned, almost as if surprised.   

Hallam:  That about covers it Sir.  

Jaav gratefully acknowledged Hallam's response with a slight nod.  He turned to 
the rest of the team behind him, one or two where servicing the biobeds and 
preparing equipment trays, the majority however were looking directly at Jaav, 
waiting for his next instruction.  It was exceptionally unnerving, but as a 
Counselor, Jaav new more than anyone that he couldn't let his anxiety show 
through, he prompted himself to relax.  

E'thexx:  Trilitithium explosions can be particularly nasty.  If anything does 
go drastically wrong we need to be prepared for large numbers of particular 
casualty types as you all are aware.  At the tamer end of the spectrum we'll be 
looking at radiation burns and blunt impact traumas, but we will need to prep 
ourselves for the other adverse effects that a trilithium shockwave can cause.  
We could well be looking at shockwave induced ceisures.  In extreme cases we 
might well be looking at spontaneous genetic mutations caused by the radiation. 
 The important thing to remember is to stay calm if a crisis situation does 
arise and remember your training.

The 'speech' went down well, or at least it seemed to.  Jaav made the effort of 
briefly glancing around the group to gauge their reactions.  After a second or 
two the team dismissed themselves and went about their tasks.  With relief Jaav 
took an unusually deep breath.  Leaving sickbay in the capable hands of Nurse 
Tenby and Doctor Hallam Jaav returned to the Counselling Suite and began 
devising the best method of keeping tension low and spirits high among the crew 
for the duration of the mission.  


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