[USS Vanguard] Prelude to 'Missing Pieces'.

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OoC: I wrote this ages ago and I don't like parts of it lol, but I
thought I'd post it anyway.

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Albion.
Time: During the year out.
Subject: Prelude to 'Missing Pieces'.
The journey home had been long. There were was no direct root to Albion
and so Mandrake had to change several times at various ports along the
way. During the journal several communicates from his crew mates and
Starfleet had arrived, but he just dismissed them as unwanted
interruptions in his thoughts of home.
When the ship docked he was the last to leave. The ships Captain and his
first mate were the only others aboard, but they had business with a
local, supplying him with off-world delicacies that were fast becoming
popular on his world.
His world was quite large for the people that inhabited it. There was
only really one small town that existed within the Inner Sphere, the
forest dwellers in the outer reaches were now known more as myth then
reality, and the sand dunes that covered the rest of the planet were dry
and desolate, which the twin moons gave a glow of beauty that he longed
for whenever he was away.
Katana and travel bag slumped over his shoulder, he departed and headed
for home. His mum Gwen would be pleased to see him. His father Llew, he
wasn't sure about. They hadn't exactly got along since he first left for
Earth all those years ago and every visit home was always a bit of a
struggle. Annwn however, didn't seem to care about whatever he did, or
whatever trouble he'd be in. She loved him dearly, and always would.
He'd stop off to see her on his way.
Kai: "Cynan! Where's your sword man? And what's that pathetic excuse you
have on your back?"
Mandrake turned on his heel to his left and saw Kai standing before him.
True to his name, he was filled with fire and unfortunately for Cynan,
the two couldn't stand each other.
Cynan: "Pathetic enough to cut you in two, Kai," he snarled back.
Kai: "Ha ha ha ha, still the joker I see."
Cynan motioned to turn, but Kai caught his arm and noticed something
Kai: ".and you've removed your mark, you disgrace your family and your
Mandrakes eyes flared. He dropped his belongings to the floor and rushed
Kai into a nearby wall. A full on fight would have ensured, but with
Mandrake not at his full strength or in control of his right arm, he was
soon beaten and made a laughing stock by Kai and his group of friends.
What was worse was that Annwn was standing in the crowd surround them.
Grabbing his things together, Cynan made for the back streets.
*days later*
In the coming days things had died down. He had seen his mother and
father for a while, but as usually, spent most of his time with Annwn,
who was comforting as ever. She hadn't seen him for a few days seen the
incident when he had first arrived, and didn't say a word about it to
him. She knew him well.
She would often find him up on the highest hill within the sphere,
meditating with sword balanced across his out-stretched upturned arms.
The birds would fly down and rest on the trees around him, other
wildlife would rustle in the bushes, he was at one. but the images still
haunted him, and his arm still didn't feel the like it was his.
5 week later after he'd been riding Seren (his wide, black steed), and
had climbed his favourite rock face (just like the one in his
holo-simulation), he was practicing kata's with his sword when a faint
hum of a transported sounded from behind.
He turned, and found two Starfleet officers standing with PADDs, looking
Cynan: "Yes?", he said lowing his weapon, blades tip facing up and
behind his back.
One officer looked to the other, back to Mandrake and began.
Officer: "Starfleet has been trying to reach you for weeks."
Cynan: "Really."
Officer: "Yes really. They have an assignment for you."
His ears picked up. This was unexpected but he'd hear them out at least,
and then tell them were to get off, though a few hours later and he'd
agreed to the mission. He'd be leaving later that day for as of yet, an
unknown destination.
His things were already packed. He never really unpacked anywhere. It
was his way and soon after the officers had left, he was on his way to
an assigned transport. But first, he had some unfinished business.
Cynan: "Kai! How good to see you again!"

Kai was down, he didn't even know what hit him, but he would. and did
when Mandrake stood in his groan. 
Cynan: "Next time, don't be an ass o'kay."
Kai: "*moan* y..e.h. o'.k.."
Kai friends stood around like the cowards that they'd always been, Annwn
stood behind Cynan, trying not to giggle.
Cynan: "I'm sorry I have to go."
Annwn: "Then why do you?"
Cynan: "You know why. My path isn't here. though it does seem to always
lead me to you."
Annwn: "Then stay with me."
Cynan: "*sigh* I can't Annwn. I have. other things, to deal with, other
places to see."
She kissed him on the side of his cheek, turned and dashed home, tears
filling up in her eyes. She always cried when he left, though she never
let him see.
The doors of the transport closed, and away he was once again on another

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