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Lt. Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
Time: After Mack's/Roch's most recent post. 

The towel barely jammed into the bag, Jaav had thought about replicating a 
larger one but decided that with a little determination the one he had would 
do.  Physical exercise usually provided the Counselor with some mental relief, 
it was nice to have an uncomplicated and clear-cut goal, improving his strokes 
in the Vanguard's pool would no doubt make it possible for him to push some of 
the other garbage out of his mind.  

Jaav slung the hold-all over his shoulder and left his quarter's, and made his 

The pool was relatively empty on his arrival, only one or two crewmen were 
around, which was a bonus since Jaav was looking forward to a little time to 
himself.  He dropped the bag down on one of the seats on his stand and was 
searching through it for his swimlenses when he noticed a member of the crew 
making their way towards him.  Jaav looked for a second or two before 
recognising the man as Roch Chase, he'd never spoken to him face-to-face before 
but had seen him about the Vanguard.  

Roch:  Counselor. 

E'thexx:  Mr. Roch, I don't think I've had the opportunity welcome you onboard 
properly until now. 

Jaav extended his hand, it was met by a firm grasp and shake from Roch.  
Although a human custom, Jaav recognised the Terran handshake had been adopted 
as the physical greeting of preference throughout Starfleet.  

E'thexx:  How are you finding life on Vanguard Lieutenant?

Chase:  It's a fine ship, although I had a little difficulty getting used to 
the Romulan influenced configuration at first.  Nothing's where you expect it 
to be.  

E'thexx:  I take it you had no problem in finding my office though?

Jaav smirked just to let Roch no that it was a joke, the sentiment was picked 
up right away, and Roch quickly realised that Jaav was referring to the 
'buzz-and-run' incident at his office door. 

Roch:  Sorry about that, I decided at the last minute I didn't really need to 
speak to you after all

E'thexx:  It's no problem...I've been speaking with Desdemona Barret-Brown, the 
Ship's Bar Manager, she said that I should maybe expect a visit from you, you 
have any idea what she might be talking about?

Roch:  Maybe, there's been a little 'friction' between a couple of members of 
the crew and myself.  

E'thexx:  My office is always open if you want a discrete place to talk about 

Roch looked over his shoulder and glanced about the pool.  

Chase:  It's quiet here, I'd quite like to get it out in the open now if it's 
okay with you?

Jaav nodded, took a step back and sat down on the spectator stall, Roch 
followed suit.  

Roch:  Lt. Khan and myself had...begun to enjoy each others company, at the 
time I didn't have a full understanding of the nature of the relationship 
between her and Mandrake, and she seemed quite pleased that I was around...

Roch hesitated, obviously feeling slightly uncomfortable and searching for the 
next words that were to leave his mouth.  

Chase:  When Mandrake made his appearance it changed everything.  I could see 
how strong She'ra's feelings were for him, and although I thought maybe I had a 
chance, I didn't want to make things difficult for her by sticking around, so I 
told her to go to Cynan.  I thought that would be then end of it, I thought I'd 
be able to deal with it from then on, but it made me so angry inside to think 
of how he'd treated her, so I said something to him.  

E'thexx:  What did you say?

Chase: I don't remember my exact words, but I told him if he hurt She'ra again 
I'd be the one he had to answer to.  

E'thexx: And what was Lt. Mandrake's response?

Chase:  I left before he could comment.  Not long after I would be when I came 
to see you LTt., but I decided that I didn't need to speak with a Counselor and 
it was just a trivial matter, so I left. 

E'thexx:  I take it that's not how you feel now?

Chase:  No.  Time away from it all, away from She'Ra has just made me churn 
over it more and more.  I'm worried that I've made a mess of things, especially 
with regards to She'ra, and I'm worried about my reputation & performance on 
this ship. 

Jaav considered what Roch had said for a moment or two before answering.  

E'thexx:  Roch, I can appreciate the position you're in is a difficult one.  On 
the one hand you obviously have strong feelings for She'Ra and want to see her 
happy, and on the other you are frustrated because you may not be a part of her 
happiness.  I think it's very noble that you told her to go to Cynan, and 
although indirectly threatening Lt. Mandrake might not have been the best thing 
you could do in a situation like that, I can appreciate that your concern for 
Lt. Khan was a major motivation.  

Jaav paused briefly, carefully composing what he was about to say next.  

E'thexx:  You've come aboard a a new ship and you're trying to integrate 
yourself into a new crew, there are bound to be difficulties with certain 
people and I don't think you should persecute yourself or worry too much about 
your reputation, it's still intact, but I do think you touched on an important 
point.  As a new member of the crew you're likely to be under a slightly more 
critical eye than you would be normally, it might be an idea to try not to 
exacerbate the tension between Mandrake and yourself.  Cynan is a very 
reasonable man and I think you'll find that so long as nothing more is brought 
up the whole incident will be dismissed.  

Roch let out a breath and scratched his face.  

Roch:  I see what you're saying Counselor. 

E'thexx:  Overall I think you've performed very well in a difficult situation, 
you're new to the ship, and it's going to take a little while for you to get 
used to our 'social dynamic'.  So try not to worry too much, and try to enjoy 
settling into your new post, you might find that it will take your mind of 
matters of the heart.  

Roch looked up, that was exactly what he needed, it was driving him mad inside, 
it cut him up not to have She'Ra, but that was decision he had made.  He had 
told her to go to Roch, and that was what had to happen now.  

Chase:  Thank you Counselor, I'll keep that in mind.  

Roch stood up, he picked up his towel and threw it over his shoulder.  

E'thexx: I hope I've been some help,  If you need to speak with me at all 
you're more than welcome to find me in my office, or here at the pool if you 

Roch thanked Jaav once more before departing.


OOC:  Hope I got it right Mack. 



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