[USS Vanguard] Playtime

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  • Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 18:38:20 -0500

From Christopher Jackson

Soman Drath, XO
U.S.S. Vanguard
Following the end of the Angel One mission

Soman sat at his desk, completing the last of the reports.  He had to meet with 
Captain Santos in a few hours for debrief and status of the Trilithium 
shipment.  Soman was feeling more than a little antsy after an hour and a half 
of paperwork.  The shift was over and Soman needed some movement in his life.  
Looking across the room, he spots his batleth.  His head began to nod and a 
smile crossed his lips.  "Haven't worked out in a few weeks," he thought.

Changing into his workout gear; grabbing his batleth; Soman moved hurriedly to 
the holodecks.  Holodeck 1 seemed to be in use.  He saw what looked like Qbed 
enter as he arrived.  The doors shut before he could be sure.  Holodeck 2 was 
open, to the satisfaction of the XO.  

Soman: Computer, activate Klingon calisthenics program.

Computer: Would you like to resume most previous settings?

Soman thought for a second.  He hadn't used the program since before Vanguard's 
first arrival at Starbase Gamma.  

Soman: Computer, who was the last person to use this program.

Computer: Desdemona Barrett-Brown last accessed this program on Stardate. . .

Soman: Thank you Computer.  So Des likes to work out with the big guys too.

Soman mused.  He was going to have to invite her to his next session.  

Soman: Computer, what's the level setting?

Computer: Program set to level 3.

The corners of Soman's mouth curled.  He hadn't tried that high of a level yet. 
 Should be interesting.

Soman: Computer, resume previous settings and start program.

Computer: Ready.

The doors the holodeck parted and Soman was greeted by a dimly lit, smoke 
filled swamp.  Two klingons forms lay lifeless, half submerged in the muck.  

Soman grinned as he proceeded in.

Soman: Alriiight. . .


OOC: Just a little off time stuff. Care to join me Des?

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