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Ensign Kieran Darkwater
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer
USS Vanguard
<Angel One>

Zena and the doctor dematerialised on cue, as the slightly disoriented men 
of Angel One appeared in the cavern, their ambush defeated in its infancy. 
Thinking quickly, the nearest reached out to grab Tails instead, figuring 
any captive was better than none at all, but Tails was not the doctor, had 
less of a tolerance for being grabbed, and less of a compunction about 
grabbing back. And clawing and striking, Kieran noticed, in a detached 
fashion, as he stepped in to lend aid.

Pivoting past a hasty, clumsy punch, Kieran marvelled at the lack of ability 
of these people, wondering how long it had been since men on this world had 
actually fought anyone. Leading with his elbow into the back of the nearest 
neck, stunning the man to his knees, he stepped in to grasp Renir?s wrist, 
twisting it and him to the floor in a smooth, easy, graceful motion.

?This is over, Renir.? He told him quietly, as Tails saw to the remainder of 
their assailants. ?This is not the way to accomplish things.?

Tails contacted the Coba del Ray, and informed the ship of the situation, 
whilst Kieran carefully slipped a PADD into Renir?s waistband.

<Coba del Ray>
Once on the shuttlecraft, clear of the planet, having left Mirrilan happier 
than when they arrived, if no-one else, Kieran sent the signal to Starfleet 
that the fate of the Carolina had been discovered, though the details still 
needed to be dragged out. Either the Vorgon or Renir and his band knew the 
exact details, and whether there was the prospect of survivors, but as yet 
it wasn?t clear.

As they set course to follow the Vanguard, Kieran flashed up another form on 
the screen, and began to fill in the details.

?Lost: PADD
Approximate Location: Angel One
Other Details: No information classified as Secure, Sensitive, Controlled or 
Secret was held on this item when lost.?

It was a simple form, and simple truths, but it held so much more that was 

***Not sensitive? Gandhi, Surak, Kavorna? the history of Peaceful Protest? 
Powerful, but not sensitive, apparently?***


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