[USS Vanguard] Playing Detective

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Continuing from "The Hard Way"

Bravo team set off to Engineering following the Captain's instructions, Shortly 
afterwards Alpha left the Bridge, leaving just Charlie still there.

Zena approached the team "Well until Bravo can regain access to the computer we 
can't look at anything in the way of logs to explain what happened here, if 
there is even anything to tell in them...So I guess we're going to have to do 
this this old fashioned way and sweep the ship from room to room noting 
anything suspicious, Starting on the Bridge and Captain's Ready Room seems a 
good place to start"

The officers nodded in agreement, then spread out around the bridge beginning 
to search. 

Zena headed off into the direction of the ready room, her flash light leading 
the way, the door was slightly ajar, she pushed her hands through the gap and 
with a little force it opened.

she extended her arm and shone the beam of light onto the desk, it was neat, a 
photo frame sat in the right hand corner, Zena walked round to the other side 
of the desk and pulled the chair out of the way, the picture was of the Captain 
and his Senior Crew members. Three Padd's lay in front of the computer screen, 
She tried to access them but they were all encrypted, she looked up as a light 
passed the door, it was Highwaij.

"Perfect timing" Zena called out, Highwaij entered the ready room "lieutenant?" 
he asked

"I have three encrypted Padd's here...Your speciality" She said handing them to 

Highwaij took the Padd's "Thank you, I'll see what I can do" He headed back out 
onto the Bridge

Zena searched the desk some more but found nothing of use, she scanned the 
floor looking under the desk but saw nothing, she moved back out from behind 
the desk into the centre of the room, checking all the walls and even the 
ceiling but saw nothing out of place.

Just as she began to head back out to the bridge she noticed a very small mound 
of what looked like dust in the corner of the room. She scanned it with the 
tricorder but the substance remained unidentified. Taking out a container she 
took a small sample for inspection later.

She reappeared on the Bridge "Anything?" She asked


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