[USS Vanguard] Planned ignoring

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Title: Planned ignoring
After: Intolerable
By: MJ Valentine
"You'd like to wouldn't you" Cynan called on after her as she made her 
way back to the table where Ceelak and Craig was sitting.
"Like what?" she called back.

"To kick my butt!" he shouted back to her with a wink.

"Hmpf!" she exclaimed as she sat back down.

"Is everything alright Ms Valentine?" Craig asked her.

"Yes it's just.. it's nothing." MJ said shaking off her annoyance.

"That's Cynan Mandrake isn't it? What is he like? I've have not had the
pleasure yet." Craig asked.

"Me either" Ceelak added.

"He's intolerable!" MJ exclaimed.

"Intolerable? How interesting" said Ceelak peering over her shoulder 
towards where Cynan was sitting. Cynan replied in motion by mock saluting.

"Glad you think so," MJ mumbled as she looked around for somewhere else to sit.

"So now what about that dance?" Ceelak added turning back to face Craig.
MJ grunted as she noticed that the only empty, comfortable seat was the one 
that she was already sitting in. She decided to go back but this time ignore 
she sat down. "So you really think you can kick my butt?" he asked her.
MJ continued to read. Suddenly she felt her PADD gently being pulled down from 
her eyes, "do yo?"
She growled deep within her throat, "You are such a pain!" she blurted out. 
"Lets make this easier,  what else can I do for you tonight?" she asked. She 
was starting to like him so she wanted him gone fast.
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Maria-Jana "MJ" Valentine
Chief Cartographer
USS Vanguard
I'm a woman Trapped in a Woman's body!

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