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Lt. Zena Quetan
Angel One
Following "Man I'm in trouble!"

Zena arrived along with the others at Xristha's room, Tails led the party in, 
all phasers were out. After a check on all the rooms the Doctor was no where to 
be seen.

Zena tapped her commbadge "Quetan to Droin?....Xristha?" ....nothing.
"Damn!" she let out in anger "I can't see any signs of a struggle" Tails 
commented looking around the room
"Ensign Darkwater begin a scan of the area see if we can pick up Dr Droin's 
life signs" Zena lost her informal addressing with the officers, she meant 

"Aye" Kieran pulled out his tricorder and began to scan.

Zena turned to Miliran "Dr Droin brought one of the servants back here, he'd 
fell and injured himself..."

Miliran nodded "Yes, I was told it was Renir who had fallen"

"Where can I find him?" Zena replied

Miliran called Katriua over "Bring Renir here" Zena butted in "I'd like one of 
my officers to go with Katriua"

Miliran had no objections, Zena turned to Tails "Lieutenant..."

Minutes later Tails and Katriua returned " He is gone" Katriua told Miliran and 
Zena. Tails confirmed it

"Now is just me or is that a LITTLE suspicious!" Zena said sarcastically

"Your suspicions would not be out of place. We have heard rumours that some of 
the servants were planning a rebellion, Renir has been suspected to be a part 
of this for some time now" Miliran confessed

"And you let one of MY officers leave with him?!" Zena shouted back

"We did not think he would do anything to the federation, the men favour your 
presence because of your views on equality" Miliran replied

"That's most likely the reason he DID do something, what better way to get our 
attention than to kidnap an officer" Zena calmed down "What's done is done...We 
now need to get the Doctor back"

Kieran stepped forward " We have two options, We either wait them out and see 
if they contact us to bargain, or we come up with a plan to strike first..."

OOC: comments from anyone? suggestions for a plan?  

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