[USS Vanguard] Piracy for Fun and Profit

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 21:20:11 -0800 (PST)

* Tog & Halk *
*Ferengi Ship*
*during W.T.F*

Tog leaned back in his chair, thoroughly displeased
with his brother?s lack of scruples.  He knew he
should?ve destroyed the female, Desdemona.  Halk?s
distasteful attraction to her had caused them more
than enough trouble.  If she had not been a source of
profit, he would?ve liked to have killed her.  Even
now there was supposedly profit to be had, Halk?s
justification for this madness, in the form of this
ship?s cargo and resources.  That it was a Federation
ship made this extremely risky, but they could not
have known who would?ve found the probe when they
launched it.  Besides, in theory this shouldn?t take
too long--between the crippling virus the probe
introduced into the Vanguard?s computer and the
cloaking device their own ship was equipped with, they
should get away with ease.  In theory.  Tog was very,
very worried.

Halk, on the other hand, was as giddy as a boy who?d
made his first acquisition.  As their ship bared down
on the Vanguard, Halk grinned in delight.

?Isn?t it wonderful, brother?  After all these years,
the probe survived, and everything--the virus, the
homing beacon--everything still works!  I told you
this would bring us profit, did I not??

?It will bring us death.  It will bring us
destruction.  It will bring us financial ruin!?  Tog
snapped.  ?The female, Desdemona, is a witch!  She has
twisted your mind and her spell has lasted all these

?What I can?t figure out,? Halk was oblivious to his
brother, ?Is how the probe ended up way out here.  It
is so far off course from our projections that it
must?ve passed through a worm-hole, or some other

?Witch!? Tog hissed.  ?Females and finances don?t mix,

?You don?t need to remind me of the Rules of
Acquisition, Tog.?

The two stared each other down for a moment, but it
was hard for Halk to stay mad at anyone or anything,
knowing that Desdemona was so close.  Desdemona, the
lovely enchantress...  Perhaps Tog was right; perhaps
there was something of a witch in Desdemona... he
didn?t care.  All he knew was that he could conquer
the universe when Des was with him.  And now they were
finally going to be together again, after all these
years of waiting and hoping.

He sighed happily and resumed his station at the helm.

Tog slumped back in his chair and scowled.

If you get us blown up, Tog, he thought, I?ll kill


OOC: The Ferengi ship, just so there is no confusion,
is indeed outfitted with a cloaking device.  It is
manned by Tog, Halk, and their nephew (sister's
Zom.  It is not a very large ship, nor is it very
powerful.  The cargo hold is the largest part of the
ship, as they are merchant/smugglers/pirates and need
a place to store their loot.

Have fun!

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