[USS Vanguard] Pain and Blackness for She'ra

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 07:58:58 -0700 (PDT)

As soon as Zena completed her sentence Droin emerged
from the operating 
chamber. The hiss of the door as it slid open caused
Zena to turn 
around. Xristha Droin was dressed in the standard,
blood-red, head-to-toe 
surgical gown. 

Droin: What are we doing people...I need to know now. 

All eyes were on Jaav, he felt the pressure upon him,
but knew that 
there could be no other way. He knew that there was
only one answer he 
could give, if he said 'yes' he would never be the
same again...

.but if his answer was 'no' the immense guilt of
allowing a symbiont to 
die would never leave him. 

E'thexx: Okay...I think I'm ready. 
Zena patted Jaav on the shoulder, placed her hand on
his back and led 
him into the operating room. Jaav climbed onto the
centre biobed, his 
breath became deep, everything around him became
muffled and surreal. Dr. 
Xristha Droin was the last voice Jaav E'thexx heard. 

Droin: Ok everyone, we have to move fast, administer
5CCs Toluprobanol 
and activate the sterile field...

{end snip}

She'ra stood and watched as Jaav was prepped to be
joined. Something stung her eyes but she closed them
tightly then opened them. Everything was bleak so she
closed her eyes again and re-opened them.  Her stomach
started aching and her head spinning. She dropped her
PADD and walked out of sickbay. She knew she might be
in trouble with the captain but right now she didn't
care.  She had a bad feeling that something bad was
about to happen and she wanted no part of it. She had
had enough ghosts on her shoulder and she didn't want
more.  But the pain wouldn't go away. She held her
stomach and bit back a cry of pain.

As she walked towards a turbo lift with her head
spinning. Everything was in a haze. Uniformed officers
passed her and she could hardly recognize them. Her
knees went weak and she held on to the wall to keep
standing. Two arms grabbed her..

Voice: Lt? are you alright?!

She'ra swung out of the graps and kept on going. She
flet herself falling... There was blackness before she
hit the ground......


Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan

OFF: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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