[USS Vanguard] Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

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*  Tog and Halk  *
*  Ferengi Ship  *
*during and after*
*   Gone Quiet   *

The appearance of a second ship attacking the Vanguard
had caught the Ferengi completely off guard.  They had
no allies, in this sector or any other, nor had they
enemies capable of locating them.  When the shooting
began, it had been a struggle for the Ferengi to ?keep
above water? as it were.  Their attempt at pillaging
the Vanguard was lost in the chaos.

Young Zom, at the helm of the Ferengi ship, moved the
little vessel deftly through the hail of fire from the
turrets.  Zom, the youngest child of their sister, was
quite a little pilot.  His passion for flying
disturbed Tog, who considered himself the only member
of his wretched crew to have the true heart of a
Ferengi.  He had hoped to steer the boy away from such
profitless pastimes, to make him into a proud and
wealthy man, a man with whom his mother could be
proud.  It was not easy with Halk continuously setting
a poor example.

And now, they might all die--poor--because of Halk and
that infernal human female.

Zom let loose a string of Ferengi obscenities as a
blast glanced off the starboard shields.  ?We cannot
continue this course much longer,? he said, ?Our
shields will not hold.!?

?Then by all means,? Tog hissed, ?Let?s leave.?

?NO!?  Halk bolted upright, his sudden eruption
startling Tog.  ?We are not leaving without Desdemona!
 I let her go once because of you, and I will not make
the same mistake again.?

To hear Halk openly admit the purpose for this foolish
attack was the human female was too much for Tog?s
ears.  He would?ve liked to kill his brother where he
stood, and perhaps he might have if not for what
happened next.

?Look!?  Zom shouted, ?The Vanguard has lost power!?

Almost faster than his thoughts, Halk?s fingers flew
over the controls of his terminal.  The deed was done
before he could voice his idea to the others.  Time
was a commodity too precious to waste on words.

?What have you done!?? Tog gaped.

?Never mind,? Halk said, ?Zom, take us out of here!?

The ship turned about, barely avoiding a blast from
one of the turrets, and zipped away into space,
cloaking once out of the blast zone.

**meanwhile on the Vanguard**

As the ship powered down, Des suddenly had a very,
very bad feeling in her gut.  Danger.  The feeling
rather than the word burned inside her.

?Captain,? she caught his attention without really
knowing what she was going to say next.  Starfleet
captains tended to like to have more than ?a bad
feeling? to make decisions upon.  She did not have a
chance to finish.
Santos turned in time to see Des disappear in the
shimmering yellow of a Ferengi transporter.  She held
out a hand towards him, and then she was gone.

The Ferengi ship turned about, zipping away from the
planet and the fire, past the alien ship, and
disappeared under the cover of its cloaking device.


OOC: Okay, so I know the other guys already nabbed
Qbed, but I swear I had this idea before Andy posted!

About the Vorgon, I went back and carefully read all
the previous postings, and as far as this writer can
tell, their ship never left the Vanguard?s space.

As for the Ferengi, if anybody wantes to add something
to their scene, it's fine by me.


p.s. Hope all the Yanks like me had a happy Thanksgiving!

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