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Nah, you're not a bitch. I'm not ready to say that anyone's really been bitchy, 
male or female.

We've had some fiery conversations over this the last couple of days, but I 
think it's winding down, and about time, too.

I don't know whether I should be flattered that this game brings out such 
fierce feelings in the players. I'm guessing "no." :)

Time to bury the hatchet. If nothing else, I'm sad that it's come to this, and 
I'm sad that Mack left the way he did. I've actually been wracking my brain 
lately, trying to come up with new ways to re-engage players who haven't been 
as involved with us.


Some good mission ideas here, and food for thought. For whatever reason, the 
"Earth gets savaged by foul weather" idea sticks out the most, although we just 
finished a similar(?) mission like that, and it didn't seem to generate much 

The "transporter accident" is another good idea, and, funny enough, Natasha 
(Kristen Stark) and I once threw a similar idea around. This must have been, 
oh, years and years ago--also based on a TNG idea, the one where a transporter 
accident turns them into kids. Natasha and I were going to call it the "Astoria 
Babies" mission. :) Could still happen, I guess.

As for Droin's "Black Widow" Syndrome: Yeah, hey, what's up with that?! First 
Kye, now Soman and...?

I commisserate with you, though, because I'm carrying the same curse, although 
you probably didn't know it, but it's even more "serious." I've asked two 
online buddies to guest-play roles on Vanguard before. One was supposed to be 
the "Matriarch" of Angel One (a mission we played anyway) and the other was 
supposed to be a "Wilderness and Survival Consultant to Starfleet" who trained 
us on emergency procedures. (Naturally, Santos gets romantically involved with 
her.) This is a mission we didn't play.

Everyone would have loved them, as they were both clever, funny and well-read 

But, hell, within days of my asking them to guest-play, both were at my throats 
and no longer (online) talking to me. *Shrugs.* I've really got that Santos 
charm with the ladiez, what can I say?

It's gotten to the point that I no longer ask buddies (online or otherwise) to 
guest star on the Vanguard, as I'm afraid of losing them as friends. Silly, but 

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>Some other mission ideas...
>Amnesia - the crew experiences an amnesia and no one knows who is who. This 
>can happen on a planet away mission or something where the crew does not 
>have access to the computers to look things up (so it's taken a little from 
>a TNG episode)...
>Reverse telepathy - what if everyone on the crew all of a sudden could read 
>everyone's thoughts?
>Addicted game - remember this TNG episode? You know how fads come and go...I 
>think it's time for this fad to come back.
>Transporter twins are always fun!
>What about a holodeck simulation that is a team building - capture the flag?
>Earth isn't immune to catastrophes itself. What if a horrible natural 
>disaster got past the environmental protection grid and the Vanguard is the 
>only ship around.
>Just some thoughts...
>PS...I hope I'm not a bitch, though I seem to have been called one too many 
>times recently. I want to say sorry for causing the commotion, but am not 
>sorry for what I said. I TRULY enjoy the Vanguard and will not threaten to 
>leave again ;) I am finally really getting the chance go have our flirty 
>doctor gain ground in relationships...then again they all seem to 
>disappear...it's a conspiracy!
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