[USS Vanguard] OoC: Third Anniversary Look Back, Face Forward

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Dear All,

Happy third anniversary to the crew of the Astoria/Vanguard! Thank 
you for three years of hard work, excellent roleplayiing and--most of 
all--friendship. May we continue in the spirit we began. May the next 
three years be as productive and exciting.

I am happy in the thinking that we have not only learned to roleplay
and write extremely well together, but have also tried, through the
imperfect medium of the Internet, to form friendships and strengthen
our bonds to one another.

We've shared our pain and our laughter, and I would be remiss in not
mentioning the losses that Mel, Jonathon and sadly and most recently,
Randi, have shared it with us. But I'm encouraged that we could reach
out to each other and offer a hand, even if we sometimes feel helpless
separated by vast distances.

To those who have been with us since the beginning: Thank you for 
your unwavering faith and devotion to this game. I promise you that 
my interest is as strong as ever, and I will demonstrate that in the 
near future, as much as I am trying to demonstrate it again now.

To those who have joined us in those three years: Thank you for joining
our Great Experiment. I hope the Vanguard has lived up to your 
expectations, and if not, I hope you tell me how we can improve.

Here is the historic first roleplaying post from the Astoria. Links 
to archives at Yahoo! and Topica are available from the Mission 
Archives section of the Vanguard Web site. If you need help accessing 
them, please don't hesitate to email me.


What a long, strange, wonderful road it's been...


Andy Ho

Original post follows:

I've been reading all the posts that have come through, and I'm excited
and impressed with what's been going on so far.

After meeting at Outrigger, we'll be moving ahead with the first
mission in the near future. Details of the mission will be forthcoming.


Commander Tia Halloran oversaw day duties of Outrigger Station's
technical support crew, but night shift was quiet. Starbase commander
T'Lan posted a skeleton crew to secure the ship and put the final
touches on the Astoria's supply run.

Outrigger Station served as an outpost near the Beta Quadrant. Its
proximity to the Klingon and Romulan territories indicated more border
skirmishes and saber-rattling than Starfleet exploration and diplomacy.
Few Starfleet vessels wandered near the station, and, since the
Dominion War, even fewer docked than before.

Command posted a mostly-Vulcan crew to safeguard the starbase. It was a
quiet, sleepy post, and the Vulcans found to their advantage that they
could pursue scientific studies and research exchange with the Klingons
and Romulans who happened near it. They were unaccustomed to Command
turning its attention to them.

But that all changed with Starfleet's new direction and the decision to
assign the newly-commissioned USS Astoria in this sector.

Ensign Langer and Lieutenant Amaral stored all their equipment, looking
around the bridge for a last time before proceeding to Engineering for
another examination.

Ensign Langer turned from the conn station and looked at the bridge.

"Command protocols seem to be operational in place. I'd say the bridge
is in good shape." Amaral looked at Langer. "Are you ready to tour

"Just a minute." Langer swept the bridge with her eyes. "You know this
is the last time we'll probably see her like this? We work ourselves to
the bone to get these starships ready, and-" she snapped her fingers,
"they bring them back, altered, battered, for refit."

Amaral shrugged. "It's what we do."

Langer walked toward the command chair, ascended the three steps and
sat down in the captain's chair.

"It's true what they say. Comfortable." She smiled.

Amaral spun. "What are you doing? Get out of there!"

"I'm an engineering officer at starbase. When am I going to get another
chance like this?"

She fingered the armrests. "Computer," she ordered. "Recognize, Langer
three zero gamma bravo."


She chewed her lower lip, wondering what to say.

"Forward viewscreen, maximum magnification."

"That command requires command access level."

"Damn," she said.

"You need computer clearance on this ship, Ensign. And the proper code

Langer shot out of the chair, and, turning, noticed the man standing
behind her. He had exited the turbolift and entered the bridge
silently. She shot a practiced eye toward his collar.

Captain's pips.

"Um, ah, Captain...excuse me, I was, and..."

Amaral stood to attention.

"Captain on the bridge!"

Captain Vanier Lee watched them wordlessly and circled the command
chair. He held out a hand to Amaral and said: "There's no need for that
sort of formality, Lieutenant. Stand at ease."

They both visibly relaxed.

"Computer, this is Captain Vanier Lee, assuming command of USS

"Acknowledged. Please enter access code."

"Lee phi kappa tau twenty twelve ten."

"Recognize, Lee, Captain Vanier. Welcome aboard, Captain. Awaiting

Lee folded his hands calmly in front of him, and smiled at Langer and
Amaral. "For right now, forward viewscreen, normal magnification."

The Avendre Cluster swam into view, circling slowly. Surrounding it
were the expanse of stars that comprised the Beta Quadrant.

Lee tilted his head toward Amaral and Langer. "See? It's all there,
just waiting for us."

"Yes sir," they agreed.

"What are your names?"

"Ensign Tamara Langer, sir. Outrigger Engineering Division."

"Lieutenant Scott Amaral, sir. Outrigger Tactical Division."

"Since you seem to have taken my chair, can either of you tell me if
the senior staff is aboard?"

"I, ah, believe so, sir. A good majority of them have come aboard."

"I guess I'll have to ask the computer for specifics. Thank you, you
two." Lee smiled genuinely. "And keep up the good work."

Lee surveyed the bridge as if for the first time, observing the fine
lines and well-designed work stations. He nodded, as if in approval,
and, still smiling, turned toward the turbolift.

Amaral and Langer let out a breath they weren't aware they'd been

"Deck 3," Lee ordered. The turbolift stopped, Lee exited, and walked
down the empty corridor, searching for the other members of his crew,
and wondering who he would find this time of night.


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Original post ends.

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