[USS Vanguard] OoC - The Story So Far...

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  • Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 14:02:30 +0100

Oh I just know you're gonna love me for this, because now you don't have an
excuse :D hehe.

Here goes...

Xristha Droin, She'ra Khan, Zena Quetan, Jaav E'thexx, Highwaij and Dominic
César Santos are all aboard the Starbase. As far as I know, the Doctor and
Quetan are looking into the artificial symbiant thats been found in a Trill
that came aboard. He has some kind of message for Quetan, but its encrypted.

Previously to this, Kahn and Highwaij were on the Klingon homeworld, but
have since returned and now Kahn has been assigned to Quetan to help in the
decoding of the message.

E'thexx and Santos mean while are being a bit grumpy at the new commanding
officer of the Vanguard, whos not a very nice chappy heh - very stiff upper
lip. They are also just learning about Mandrake's situation, and have
decided to launch their own investigation re: hearing that he's gone native
on an undercover assignment.

Soman Drath is still on his year out. He was/is undercover on a planet thats
just about to discover warp technology and is training the young woman
responsible in self-defence, in case any other fraction would do her harm to
secure the technology for themselves.

Qbed and McCaw are still onboard the Vanguard I think. They just found a
book that Qbed wrote in the future about her time as a human. She hid the
book in the past as a fictional novel, so that she would find it in her
present situation to give her hope and to let her know that one day she
would get her powers back. Sam is just happy to be able to go off on
dangerous stunts sometime again :)

Alvon Stratford is also still aboard the Vanguard too. I'm not sure what
he's actually doing though - just refits to the ships maybe.

Kieran Darkwater was on the Vulcan homeworld, attending various seminars and
making trips to different Vulcan moons, when he came across Mandrake.

Cynan Mandrake was last seen by the crew heading for home after his
traumatic experience of losing his arm from the Borg encounter. Rumours have
hit Santos that he was on an undercover assignment trying to infiltrate The
Pitt Contract (a notorious gang), which can possibly be confirmed since he
was seen stealing artefacts by Darkwater on a Vulcan moon. Mandrake also
fired on Darkwater and they have since had a skirmish after Darkwater
approached Mandrake days later to try and find out what was going on. Has
Cynan gone renegade? Two bodies down, one Starfleet officer missing, a
beaten Darkwater, sure looks like it...

Desdemona Barrett-Brown, Tails to Ennien, Denville d'Angelo,  Chen'ki and
Dellan Kye, I have no idea lol.

O'kay I think thats everyone.. it should be! Hope that helps and hope to see
a post soon!

-- Cynan/Mark.
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