[USS Vanguard] OoC: The Final Word

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:03:08 -0600


I want this be the last word on this issue.

It's natural for you to "defend" your friend (I?d be surprised if you didn?t), 
but I don?t feel we should be allowed to let Mack give his side of things 
without being allowed to give ours.

If Mack continues to snipe at Alexa, then we're naturally going to respond. 
(Consequently, I've only seen remarks from Alexa, Alec and me about this issue. 
That hardly constitutes "half" the crew.)

Mack has been disrespectful and now insulting toward us. I don't think we 
should continue to let it happen without writing a word or two about it.

As for your resignation, this concerns me. I consider things like this very 
seriously. *Everyone* on this game has devoted his or her personal free time to 
this, and with school, work, family and what-not, free time is a valuable 
commodity. I don't take their devotion lightly. And if they no longer want to 
be part of it, for whatever reason, I understand, but they need to leave.

I do like your participation, I'm flattered by how you feel about the Vanguard 
and the mutual respect we've exhibited toward one another until now. If you're 
serious about the Vanguard and you want to prove your statements with action, 
then I'd prefer not to have any more talk about resignations and retractions of 

As for Alexa, granted, my viewpoint may be a little skewed. Alexa joined the 
Falcon with me shortly after I did, and we wrote our first major joint post 
together. I have the same respect and admiration for her that you do for your 
real life friends.

In seven years, she quickly went on to surpass even my involvement with Gamma 
Fleet and has earned the respect and ear of countless people, including me. 

So, you see, by my math, Alexa and I really *were* out saving the galaxy when 
you and your friends were still in diapers. :-) (Oh, come on, *laugh*!)

I have every confidence in her, but I would like to have that same level of 
confidence in everyone on the Vanguard. For the most part, I now do, and no one 
(except for three major exceptions no longer on this game) has ever gained 
disfavor in my eye.

I would like for that to continue, and I'd like you to continue, so I think 
it's time we ended the unpleasantness. Anyone who feels differently needs to 
address me in email, privately.

We have some very strict rules about sniping at one another, either publicly or 
behind my back. Those rules are there (on the Web page under "Guidelines") for 
a very specific purpose--to prevent the kinds of things that are now going on. 
I've seen too many online communities implode from precisely this sort of 
thing. I'm not going to let it happen on the Vanguard, plain and simple.

I hope we can put it behind us and return to the fun, camaraderie and support 
we've always shown each other. I'm not stupid--I know we can't switch from 
wrenching discussion to "Hey, guys, let's go kill some Vorgons!" in one day, 
but we need to try. Posting the way we always have will help build that trust 
again. If you return any respect you have for me that you mentioned I've shown 
you, please respect my wishes.



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