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  • Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:19:20 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for the pat on the back.  I've been studying fairly intensly for the 
last few month in preperation for an accredidation test I had to take for my 
job.  I was afraid to say anythig in fear of jinxing myself but I found out 
last week I passed.  Whew!
Anyway, now I have more time to participate in the sim.  Thanks for putting up 
with my on again, off again presence.
Andy Ho <andywoho@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm just writing this short note to let you all know how thoroughly
I've enjoyed *all* the posts in recent weeks.

To our new players: I know it's not easy to integrate yourselves as
writers or your characters into a sim with the long-standing
continuity of the Vanguard, but from your first posts, I can tell that
Sean and Amelia have done an amazing job finding the tenor of the
Vanguard and how to write with us.

To our veterans players: You continue to amaze me with each post you
write and astound me not only as writers but also roleplaying your
characters--how they would respond to a given situation, but more
importantly, how they respond to one another.

Although every post has been has been of a consistently high caliber
lately, these are just a few of my favorites from each one that has
appeared in the last 1-2 months. I had a hard time choosing, believe
me, but each segment below impressed me for different reasons:

The Morning After (Mel)

Zena placed her drink down then pulled the stool out from the table,
placed it in between her legs and lowered herself onto it dragging
herself closer to the table as she did.

"Very lady like" Sam commented with a grin

"When did I EVER say that I was a lady?" Zena laughed

"Does that mean you'll be walking around your quarters in just your
underwear and generally acting like a complete slob?"

Shar threw at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes Zena hit Jaav
playfully in the stomach

"Hey mister what have you been telling them?!"

"Yet you STILL had to read the command chart to know who I was" Sam
said shaking his head with a smile

"Let it go Sam...Let it go" Zena said patting him on his knee
[Wonderful character building, Mel! - Andy]

The Morning After (Steve)

Jaav watched the full range of curiosity, embaressment and others make
their way across her face, and felt his smile broaden more than a
little as he did.

?Much as I?d love to stay and watch you recall,? he offered, kissing
her forehead gently, ?duty calls.?

?Duty? We?re on shore leave, Jaav.?

?Unfortunately, people don?t always have problems 9-5, weekdays.? He
pointed out ? she knew what it was like to have a disruptive career.
?I don?t plan to be too long. Rest, drink plenty of fluids, and I?ll
come by and? well, laugh, frankly, later? [Wonderful characterizations
of Zena and Jaav, Steve. - Andy]

Introducing Leah (Amelia)

The timing was strange, but, Leah figured, any plausible machination
would be made by those powerful enough to make a more subtle bid for
her time. [Demonstrates that quality of things "happening behind the
scenes" that always seems to hover over the Vanguard, Amelia. - Andy]

Rumination of Trees (Raye)

The species of the little tree is unpronounceable to a human tongue.
It is native to Vulcan, having been cultivated for centuries by the
wise and serene people of that world. [Great eye for detail, Raye. -

Locked and Loaded (Sean)

Luke was just about to say hello when he saw the Commodore's face. he
looked lost in thought. Luke doubted that he even realized Luke was
there. So, Luke just kept going to the transporter room.

Everyone went to change and was back in 3 minutes. everyone got on the
transporter pad. "Energize..." [I loved how Sean characterized the
sense of urgency in proceeding with the mission. - Andy]

Carillon, Beaming Down (Mark)

"Taking your time, Cynan?" Shar quipped.

"Men!" Des joked, mockingly.

"Hey if you're important, people wait for you!" Cynan retorted with a wink.

Kieran rolled his eyes and said nothing, taking his mind back to what
goodies he'd find on the planet to study.

"Energise", Cynan spoke and wish a whine of the transporter system,
they were gone. [Exhibits great knowledge of the other characters,
Mark. - Andy]

Carillon, Beaming Down (Steve)

Having finished his briefing - which the computer automatically routed
to all the away-team members - Kieran turned back to the replicator
and called up his clothing with a despairing sigh. He wasn't
particularly up-to-date on the latest fashions flowing out of the
design houses on whichever planet happened to be 'in' this week, but
he was pretty sure that harsh fabric trousers, flannel shirts in
tartan patterns and oversized hats probably wasn't involved. [Just LOL
- Andy]

Welcome Party (Mel)

Suddenly an ear piercing bang echoed from above, the bullet buried
itself in the ground just a few feet away from Leah.

Zena pulled the pistols out from her holster and stroked the triggers
with her fingers "Leah, Sam, you take the left, Luke and I will go
right...Go!" Zena sprinted out from the cover of the rock with Luke in
tow, they fired in unison at the attackers then leapt behind another
set of rocks

The attackers were not at all intimidated by the bombardment of
bullets and seemed now even more eager to kill them [Made me think,
once again, that Mel writes very convincing personal posts about
Quetan but that she crafts Quetan as one hell of a field commander,
too. - Andy]

The Chair (Kent)


"Does any fraking thing work on this god-forsaken tub!?"

"Lieutenant, we seemed to be unable to communicate with the away
team." [Very exciting. Moved us toward the mission in a very
convincing way. - Andy]

The Ranch of Coyote Kate (Mark)

"GIRLY?!" Des spat under her breath.

"Hey we have to eat." Shar commented and was shot at with a glare from Des.

"Steak, medium rare." Cynan added, pushing it. [Funny! Although I
think Raye will make you regret it later, Mark! ;-) - Andy]

The Ranch of Coyote Kate (con't) (Raye)

"As for my Mister, I'm a widow, if you must know." Des said.

"Them boys looking after you, then?" Kate's features softened and she
glanced past Desdemona at the men outside.

"You might say we look after each other." [Loved that. No more apt
description of how the Vanguard's crew relate to one another. Very
touching. - Andy]

The Magnificent...Four? (Kent)

"Sir, I think it may be too late. There was some evidence on a few of
the buildings of energy weapon discharge. There may already be someone
else here violating the hell out of the Prime Directive." [Great
dialogue, Kent. - Andy]

The Coyote Ranch (Steve)

"Resonance signature." Kieran pointed to the old upright piano in the
corner that was emitting a very slight, low hum. [Let me just comment
here that I thought this small detail was *incredible*. I really,
really enjoyed it. - Andy]

"Right." Cynan interrupted, hoisting his rifle. "Kieran, Shar, wide of
the gate, set up a killing zone. Des, here at the door. Let's go."
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