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A wrap-up post from me this weekend, giving you an idea of what poor
Santos was up to, and what we did with the treacherous Mr Rea, and
we'll be moving into our next mission.

It's not unlike the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "All Good
Things..." in which Picard was dragged into the Enterprise's past and
then his crew's futures. Our spin, with Chris's help, is that it's
Soman doing all the time-walking. The details behind his escapade and
why this all happened are being hammered out.

In the meantime, think about what your character would be like ten to
fifteen years down the road: Is she/he still in Starfleet? If so, where
is she/he? What is her/his role? Does she/he have a family?

As for the past, we're choosing the time period surrounding "Good
Fences, Good Neighbors," the joint mission with Deep Space Ten (may she

For those of you who recently joined us, "GF, GN" was the third mission
of the simulation formerly known as Astoria, and what an ambitious
third mission it was--at the time, our fantastic Chief Science/Second
Officer commanded a starbase known as Deep Space Ten. How did we
overcome the issue of having both a Captain Zena Quetan and Chief
Science Officer Zena Quetan? Simple. The Astoria waltzed through a
temporal wormhole and ended up in an alternate dimension, of course!

Under orders to investigate their situation and find a way home, the
Astoria's CO Vanier Lee was dismayed to learn that a number of Astoria
crew basically invaded the Deep Space Ten and engaged their players in
a series of firefights. (To our younger players: We were younger and
more naive then, and basically the Astoria blasted at anything that
moved.) :-)

Lee was furious, of course, but behind the scenes, I have to admit I
had A FRIGGIN' BALL! Every post that rolled in was a great read and we
kept ourselves and--I like to think--the crew of Deep Space Ten
entertained. When the Astoria finally departed, Mel and I called that
the "There goes the neighborhood/"And don't you people friggin' come
back!" episode of our illustrious history.

If you were with us then, you'll probably have to go WAY back in your
memory and put on some old suits. If you weren't with us, my suggestion
is you join the side of Deep Space Ten and give us department heads a
good whack about the heads, because you're likely to find some pleasant
surprises: Newbie Captain Vanier Lee, Science Officer Zena Quetan,
Communications Officer Soman Drath, Stellar Cartographer Sam McCaw,
Chief Engineer Vokar, and helmsman Nirsh an'Kharh (Niak), plus I think
Drs. Xristha Droin and Counselor Jonathon Bremmer(!) :-). (Who
experienced an alternate-universe name change not long after that.) :-)

As for what the future holds, who knows? Maybe more will be revealed
and the stage set after the question-and-answer session with Chad Rea.

Hope you enjoy this mission as much as we did developing it.

Best wishes,

Andy Ho

P.S. For more information about Deep Space Ten and "Good Fences, Good
Neighbors," see the Mission Archives at the new Web site


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