[USS Vanguard] OoC: Response to Yesterday's Emails

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 12:23:42 -0500

I would like to thank everyone who?s responded already and for their vote of 
confidence in the Vanguard. I?ve always felt that so long as you want a PbEM 
game, I will continue to help you manage a PbEM game.

Some reactions:

Angus: You?re right?character interaction is the lifeblood of any game, 
especially one with as many characters and players as Vanguard. Battles and 
missions and quests are fun, but they?re just fluff. Some of the best posts 
I?ve ever read for the Vanguard and other games had to do with how characters 
relate to one another. Crafting mission ideas that allow input from all 
departments, all characters, is difficult, but trying to set up situations 
where the characters interact is eas(ier). I will try to find more ways to 
engage characters in unusual and interesting situations.

Rachel: Maybe they?re sporadic, but the posts you write are always gold, as 
good as anyone else?s who plays. So long as there?s a Vanguard (and it looks 
like there will be), you will have a place with the game. Welcome! (Again.) I 
appreciate your statement of devotion, and I feel the same way: Sometimes, even 
though I have other commitments, I have to just sit down and bang stuff out. As 
much as I don?t want the Vanguard to turn into a  chore? for me or anyone else 
lest it lose the appeal, I think that?s what I?ll have to do: just commit to at 
least a post a week and just take it week by week for now. I think Santos will 
be stopping into Event Horizon again in the near future.

Alexa: Thank you for your vote of confidence. I have been thinking about taking 
the Vanguard in a new direction. My aim for the current game was to (1) get 
Vanguard into the Borg wormhole, (2) get them to Borg homeworld, (3) run 
mission, (4) end mission. But maybe it doesn?t have to be that commando. Maybe 
there are good stories waiting to happen during that trip that could make 
Vanguard interesting again. And, yes, I have been thinking about a new ship. I 
liked the Astoria to Vanguard migration as I think the players put in some of 
their best work to date. Besides, as you so aptly pointed out then,  Why have a 
timeship if we don?t run time travel missions?? After all these years, I?ve 
learned that time travel missions can be, at the least, confusing. Maybe it?s 
time that we moved toward something else.

Steve and Mel: Thank you for your kind words. (Mel, if you tried to send me a 
private email to my Cingular account, will you please try again to my Yahoo! 
account? Cingular isn?t dependable, but it?s all I have at work. This time, I 
received a blank email.)

Where we are/where we?re going: The last time we saw the Vanguard, it was 
headed into the Borg transwarp corridor seen in the series finale of  Star 
Trek: Voyager.? I?ll be composing a post in the next day or two that will find 
the Vanguard in a most unusual situation: a space/time accident will find the 
crew among their children and grandchildren from approximately 70 years into a 
future where the Vanguard was marooned with no hope of returning to the Alpha 

If this sounds familiar, it?s because it?s been done before in the Star Trek TV 
shows: first on Deep Space Nine:  Children of Time? and again with Enterprise:  

If their writers can write it twice, why can?t we do it once? Time to think 
about what your characters? children and grandchildren will be like, and more 
importantly, how your characters paired off?

We can accommodate the Cynan, Sam and Kieran characters, simply by letting 
their descendants  show up,? or maybe I?ll include a small plot twist to allow 
them to be included, although they?re currently on an  Ark Quest.?

For an excellent resource on Star Trek?s time travel related episodes and how 
time travel plays into each one, try the following I found from Google cache:
 enterprise time accident their children&hl=en

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