[USS Vanguard] OoC: Response to Mark

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 14:09:37 -0500

There's no need to worry that I'll be critical because you wrote what's on your 
mind, Mark. I appreciate your candor and how much you obviously care about the 
Vanguard. Also, I appreciate your vote of confidence, but I have to disagree 
with you: Everyone who plays *is* the Vanguard. I couldn't do it without the 
team that we have in place.

Yes, it's true--while I believe that each PbEM is the envisioning of the first 
administrator, I credit all the players for what the Astoria and later the 
Vanguard became. As Mel so aptly put it, the Vanguard writers are some of the 
most talented in the PbEM community.

What attracted them/you in the first place? I like to think that, yes, based on 
the recruitment posts I've written and the format that I introduced that 
talented, intelligent people saw something they liked about the 
Astoria/Vanguard and spread the word, and in so doing, we became what we are 

But an organization like this is like a plant: It can only grow and be healthy 
through constant care. I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: As 
long as you want to play, I will make sure you have a worthwhile environment in 
which to play, and I will do what's in my power to make that time interesting 
and fun for you.

I have a post ready to go. I would like Mark, Alex and Steve to find a way to 
join us. (It can be contrived. I don't care since I just want the characters 
back on the Vanguard. I realize it's short notice so no points off for 
contrived plot devices.)

This Saturday, I will spend some time weeding through the Web site and trying 
to update what desperately needs to be updated. I hope you like the first step 
I've made in what I hope is a bold, new direction for the Vanguard. And I think 
taking the game in bold, new directions will be a good thing, a solid 
groundwork, for what's to come. And I hope you'll tell me if you disagree.
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