[USS Vanguard] OoC: Re: Re: Jan 17th Cheer up chaps :)

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Alec's got the gist of it, I think, except that we're going to meet at our 
hotel bar at 7:00 pm (not 5 - 7 pm), give or take a half-hour, I think.

(The boss wants to go out to Greenwich, you see, and since I've never been 
there, I checked into methods of getting there and back, but it's all pretty 
damn confusing from the Web site. I guess I have to be smart ie educated under 
the English system to understand that gobbly-gook. Anyway, my point is that we 
could be anywhere that day.)

But here's my thinking: you three get together when you can earlier that day, 
have your fun at a pub or whatever you want to do (you could go to our hotel 
bar, but I have a feeling the prices will be steeper--could be wrong), and just 
try to be in our hotel bar around 7 pm. We'll plan on meeting all of you there 
around that time.

Oh, and I expect everyone to be in Starfleet dress uniform, because god knows I 
will be. (Kidding.)

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>Dear All,
>         Glad things are coming together RE: Jan 17th, as I see things this is
> the plan: Mark and Jonathan arrive at Euston some time in the Day I pull up
> In a coach at a similar time, we meet for a coffee and a chat, then RV with
> Andy and Co 5pm-7pm for drinks in the Hotel Bar. After this there is revelry,
> until such a point that we get knackered and hop on the next coach to Oxford 
> where we crash out. Mark and Jonathan then have the unparralelled joy of 
> getting back home by public transport on a Sunday (whoopee!) ;) and the Job
> as they say is a good one. 
> As for my mobile number, see the title of this email. Call be blase but I    
> actually find the sound of heavy breathing very theraputic ;D so am not at   
> all fussed.
> I'm emailing my cousin (who splits his time between London, Moscow and New   
> York)about venues but I suggest a play it by ear approach. 
> Cheers
> Alec
> ps. It's a 90 min coach journey so make plans for that when your thinking 
> about gettng home, maybe u could go out of Oxford station I'm not sure.
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