[USS Vanguard] OoC: Raye's Email

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Mmm, I hear you all loud and clear: No new commanding officers and no asking 
non-posters to leave, although I'm going with Mark's idea that if we have any 
inactive characters to let the players retain their posts until an applicant 
comes along who is qualified and wants it.

Look, I'm not boasting here, but vacancies on this sim are filling up fast, and 
it's simply not fair to let someone keep his or her spot if they can't or won't 
post while we have applicants who may love a shot at the same position.

For many reasons, I've *never* actually asked anyone to leave, per se, 
especially since Chris talked me out of it during a similar phase a few years 
back. To paraphrase, he told me that everyone--every single player--on this 
game helped build it and make it what it is, and that it's simply not fair to 
eject them into the cold.

A short anecdote you all might find amusing: Remember the Vanguard had a 
"trader/merchant" position once upon a time that R'ahl Goodkind occupied during 
its maiden voyage. Well, believe it or not, we actually had a player who wanted 
that vacancy. He created a Talaxian character, I posted the biography, and we 
were all ready to go. So what happens? Nothing. Months and months of *nothing.* 
Finally, I wrote him an email telling him that he had 72 hours to contact me 
lest he be booted. (Keep in mind this was after *months* of non-contact.)

Seventy-two hours come and go, and no response. So I take his biography down 
and we go on our way.

About a year or two ago, he sends me an email out of the blue, apologizing for 
his lack of communication because his "computer was down" at the time he was 
"on" the Vanguard, and ASKING FOR HIS APPLICATION BACK because he doesn't want 
to write it again FOR ANOTHER GAME HE'S JOINING.

(So, basically, he was telling me that all his email simply sat on a POP server 
somewhere all those months I was sending him email and his computer was acting 
up, AND now that he's "back," he'll go with another game, thank you very much 
all the same.)

You got to admire the guy for his chutzpah.

I let him sweat it out a few weeks. I actually had it on the server, so I 
sucked the thing down and sent it to him as an .html page with the message, 
"Here you go...and don't you EVER darken my in-box again."

Mel and Chris thought it was a great story. And now you all know it, too.

So where was I? Oh, yeah. Short story long, nobody gets ejected. :-)

I was lmao at "please oh please no baby craze." Agreed! Funny, I was just 
thinking about the same thing yesterday. That was bad. I mean...just *bad.* 
Usually, something's so bad that you can laugh it off, but I was just shaking 
my head.

I viewed the joint mission like I view a trip to the dentist: It's not as 
painless as the dentist wants you to think, but if you just sit quietly with 
your hand in your lap and hold VERY still, you can have a drink afterward to 
take away the pain.

So...no babies.

You know, good thing you talked me off that ledge in time, because I've 
actually been playing with the idea of some ex-girlriend of Nick's looking him 
up while he's on Earth and sticking him with their child. And, of course, it's 
"fish out of water" and "Three Men and a Baby" time as Nick tries to deal with 
having a child on board the Vanguard.

Well, now I'm not going to do it, if for no other reason than the introduction 
of a "cute kid" is almost one sure sign that your favorite entertainment has 
"jumped the shark." :)

By the way, you rock as well. ;)
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