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1. The Third Anniversary Mission was originally slated to run 
mission-after-next, but since I?ve already introduced elements of it, and since 
we?ve gotten a taste of it, I thought, ?Why not??

Therefore, the Vanguard?as soon as its officers wrest back control of her?will 
be returning to Earth for repairs. Mr Darkwater (and our new arrival, Mr Shar) 
are free to join us by ?warp sled? (as seen in The Motion Picture), or any 
other means of catching up with the ship. Otherwise, we?ll be turning around 
and picking them up. ;-) But they?re resourceful guys, and I?m sure they could 
come up with something, if they had to. :-)

The mission will involve the tying-up of loose ends having to do with 
time-travel related missions and the hints of missions and things to come.

I hope I won?t offend anyone?s religious beliefs, but one group will be 
assembled to find and retrieve the Ark. (Yes, that one.) And the other group 
will escort Santos to the Borg homeworld to sign the treaty with the Borg 
that?s been prophesied. How will he do it without changing Star Trek mythos 
itself, without turning the Borg into an ally? You?ll just have to wait and see.

I promise you adventure, intrigue and an ending you won?t believe (I?ve 
promised not to destroy the Vanguard or kill Santos, but this is the next best 

We?ll proceed as we always do, with everyone contributing as much as they 
can?the mission is set up in such a way that, although I hate predetermined 
endings, we can play freely, write whatever you like, and we?ll still achieve 
the goal I want to achieve. I know that sounds odd, but just bear with me and 
trust me and go along for the ride.

2. Until further notice, I am pleased to announce Mel (Zena Quetan) as Acting 
Executive Officer (whose response when I made this offer was ?BWAHAHA?POWER!?, 
so be careful, boys and girls).

I?m offering Mark (Cynan Mandrake) the chance to be Acting Second Officer. (And 
we?ll need all the command officers we can get our hands on.)

3. There will be a brief promotion ceremony following the end of ?runaway 

4. The biography for Angus, who will be playing new Intelligence Officer Mr. 
Shar, will be posted this weekend.

5. The Chief Tactical Officer position will be eliminated. The Security 
Officer?s position will become ?Chief Security/Tactical Officer.?

6. As laid out in the Personnel Manifest, all titles will be changed to the 

The officer in the second tier position will be known as the ?Assistant Chief 
Officer? and the third tier position will be ?Deputy Chief Officer.?

For example:

Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Intelligence Officer / Assistant Chief Se-Tac Officer

JAG Officer / Deputy Chief Se-Tac Officer

This is not because I love minor details, but because the Assistant or Deputy 
need the mandate to step up in case of prolonged absences/illnesses/vacations, 

Thanks again for all the excellent posts I?ve seen lately. I?m excited about 
this mission, and I hope you are, too. If anyone has a preference one way or 
another about the Ark or Borg A or B story, please email me and let me know, 
but I can?t promise anything. (We can?t all go to the Borg homeworld, and if 
the bickering doesn?t stop, I?m turning this starship around and NOBODY?S going 
anywhere. ;) )

Please continue to send all email to andywoho@xxxxxxxxxx

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