[USS Vanguard] OoC: Players' Feedback

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 19:33:52 -0000

To add my points...

1. A permanently new commanding officer character.

Like Steve/Kieran, I don't see the need here either. In fact, what is it
that a 'commanding officer' does that anyone else on the ship can't? The
only thing I see a commanding officer doing is to start/end a mission and
drive it into a completely random direction - but to an extend we can all do
this too. That is what I like about this SIM. We are all commanding officers
to a certain extent. At least we are in my eyes. Please don't shoot if I'm
taking liberties :)

As to answer Steve/Kieran's question about the website ranks, the ranking
system as far as I know works as thus: At the end of every mission (or is it
two?), the COs will reward two members of the crew for their efforts by
increasing their rank.

2. Different types of missions. (Please be specific.)

Personally I like the funny ones. Sadly I wasn't here for the roots Vs the
surface vegetables, but what a great read that was! I also like exploration
missions... but again, with light hearted fun rolled in too. Where there is
fun there is always a smile :)

3. Reorganization of "command structure"-Players who have not posted in
months/have not emailed in three missions asked to leave.

Erm, come again? I don't follow what you mean on the reorganisation (now is
that with an 's' or with a 'z' ;)) of the command structure. As for players
who have not posted in a while well, I would certainly give them warning
that there players were on the verge of being ejected from the nearest
airlock and I would advertise their position if nothing is heard from them
about where they are/what they are doing. Then once someone else joins (or
someone currently wants one of their roles), then can be officially
transferred off the ships roster.

4. More feedback from Andy, Chris and/or Mel.

Everyone likes feedback, so yeah, why not. As don't like mind publicly
however because I have this strange feeling that everyone else will begrudge
it against me. Silly I know, but it is how I feel.

5. More focus on character development/interaction with other players. (Or
less character development and more mission- and story-driven plots.)

I'm with Steve/Kieran on this - sorry to keep mentioning your name bud, but
I know how you like feedback and recognition ;), but I too like going off on
one (if you like) and writing my character in lone posts. I do actually like
reading Steve's/Kieran's and I hope he (and everyone else for that matter)
enjoys reading mine.

However I do like to think that I am slowly (been a year since I joined?? So
VERY slowly) changing in the way I interact with everyone, but you know
what? I still feel an outsider in certain respects. I know this is totally
in my head but as with point #4, it is a feeling that I have.

For me I always worry about messing up someone else's characters story and I
find it hard to know what to write about when trying to include them in one
of my posts. As such I tend to focus on one character for a few then move
on... such as I wrote a few with Steve/Kieran and now I am writing a few
with Alexa/Xristha - before this I don't think I really interacted with her
character at all!

I would have wrote more with Kadian/She'Ra and I used to talk to her online
quite a bit, but I think by writing Cynan as 'not-interested' like, or with
too many problems (I heard that psychotic remark Alexa :P), I gave the
impression that I didn't want too anymore?? Maybe I came across too
aggressively in a personal way (I know I do that IRL and I do need to be
more objective sometimes).

For example, I know that on the maiden voyage of the Vanguard, Andy had
Santos ask if there were any questions to the crew. I had Cynan ask an
awkward one and Andy took it personal (that's right isn't it Andy?). I
remember having a conversation with him soon after about it and explaining
that it wasn't me being personal but just writing my character in a story,
and to me that is all the SIM is, a story. If I write Cynan as stabbing your
character in the chest it isn't that I don't like you, it is just who Cynan
is. Heh.

Oooh... and why doesn't he ever get shouted at or thrown in the brig? Guess
I will just have to do something really bad ;)

Lastly, I higher recommend talking to anyone on the ship via instant
messenger or by email. It is the best way to get to know them better and
working with them on the ship.

Other. (Please be specific.)

On the lines of guideline changes and to touch briefly on the whole
resignation issue (I won't go into any great detail or make this personal)
is that I think everyone who does resign should have a cooling off period.
There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to leave and I think most
of them could be sorted out. Perhaps some already have been - to make this
slightly personal.

Jonathon/Jaav mentioned that it would be nice to have a weekly summary. I
like this idea and will gladly attempt it if so wished. I'd make it more
monthly though I think.

I also want to say that although I enjoy being the helm officer, I will
surrender the position if anyone else would like to take it up. You will
have to put up with occasion mumblings from Cynan that he could do it better
though ;)

I agree that everyone should update there biographies. It is an important
aspect of the crew manifest and something that can easily get overlooked and
forgotten about. It'd be nice if everyone had direct access to their own
parts actually.. but well, I can understand the need for at least some
verification and the hassle of perhaps setting up personal access to
individual parts (hmm you know that could be done quite easily.. you could
have a the webpage firing off requests to an SQL back-end). For a more
traditional and current operation of use, I am willing to help with the
site. In fact I was the last time that you asked but I figured everyone else
would have said that they would so I didn't bother.

Lastly, I think Cynan should have a personal secretary and bigger quarters


Now I have probably forgotten something that I wanted to say - I have been
thinking about it all day since I read everyone posts this morning before
work, but ah well. Oh yes! I want to say that I think everyone brings a
unique and wondering quality to the SIM. I enjoy everyone's posts and read
them with much interest. I can only hope that as we continue to SIM, to get
to know each other, that the experience and friendships that we have are

I once asked Alexa to stay onboard the ship, and she did. If she had not we
would have lost a great player and I would never have got to SIM with her.
Mach, won't you stay too?

Take care everyone,


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