[USS Vanguard] OoC: Out of contact?

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Andy, and all on the USS Vanguard atm.

The landing party is currenlty working on a group post to end there
mission which ties into the things ship side.

I'd appreciate you all NOT screwing it up for us all on the planet lol.

(you know I'm not being nasty and serious there right ?)

Andy - would you like to see what we have so far? (actually its not made
it halfway around us yet, but some ship-side stuff has been written).
It'll give you an idea on what to write, or not write, or what to shout
at me for and to change! Lol.

Glad to hear you're alright,


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Sorry for the lack of participation. I've had my next post floating in
my head for a while now, having to do with Santos's memories while he's
under Dr. Droin's gentle care.

I'll also advance the mission toward the end (now that it's been a
while). I thank Chris and Melanie for stepping up to the challenge while
I was MIA. I was suddenly sent on the road for this IT project and have
been on the go for three weeks with three to four hours of sleep each
night and a day off each week. (Yes, you heard me.)

But at last, I have a laptop. (Been at this job over a year without one,
if you can believe that.)

Chris and Melanie have done a bangup job, considering I gave them all of
about a day's notice (about what I had), and they had no idea how long I
would be gone (nor did I).

Thanks for the posting I've seen. I've enjoyed reading it, when I've had
the chance to get in front of a computer.

Will write more soon.

Best regards,

Andy Ho

(P.S. In the meantime, you may want to check out
ncv80221.netfirms.com/default.htm  - possible new home for the Vanguard
web site. And the updated crew roster is there, minus some updates and
Mr. Chase's bio - another item on my to-do list.)

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