[USS Vanguard] OoC: Odds and Ends

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 15:07:41 -0800 (PST)


Chris (Soman Drath) sent me an email this afternoon attesting to how
much he liked the enthusiasm he's seen. I couldn't agree more. Thank
you, people, we wouldn't be a sim without you.

At the risk of sounding like the "bad" guy, a few things not directed
at anyone that I would like to address. I would like to get this out of
the way so that we can go back to simming and having a good time:

1. Please continue to spell- and grammar-check your posts. You might
not know this, people, but I was a Journalism major in university.
That's why your CO tends to be a little more cognizant of that than
other CO's. (And if you couldn't tell before, you certainly can now
since I used "cognizant" in a sentence. ;) )

2. After the last mission, I'm trying to swerve a bit away from joint
posting and the "[Tag]" system of play. I'm not sure where this began,
but while it worked on other sims, it has never been strong on the

I know that the overuse of joint posting began with me, but I'm just
putting it out there that it decreased the quality of posting rather
than increased it.

Joint posting between two people, however, is fine. Look at Mack and
Kris: This is the perfect example of how to conduct a joint post--they
posted quickly, without involving too many people, and without bringing
the regular posting to a halt. Well done!

3. A few comments on various posts:

A. "A long good bye" by Kadian

I never thought that She'ra was a bad character at all, actually. But
it's you. If you feel you need a change to move your playing ahead,
I'll leave it up to you, so unless Chris and Mel have an objection,
I'll be posting the new biography tonight, along with some other
changes to the Web site.

By the way, Kadian, I particularly liked this exchange:

"Qbed: She'ra Khan, how've you been?
She'ra: Can't complain. It's good to see you again Qbed.
Qbed: oh sweety it's good to see you too.
She'ra didn't sit down. She turned to desdemona then back to Qbed.
She'ra: I am here to say good bye.
Desdemona: What do you mean good bye? I didn't hear anything about you 
Highwaij: No one told me you were leaving...
she'ra: You'll be in capable hands. I'm sure of it. She winked at 
Highwaij and gave Desdemona a hug. She then blew Qbed a kiss and left."

This isn't how Qbed and Desdemona speak, but I loved the naturalness of
their rhythm and the personality you gave each character. I could
visualize this scene in my mind.

Well done!

B. "Life is a roller coaster" by Mel

One of the things I liked most about the TNG was the discoveries we
made about each character's interests and hobbies. I love the
introduction of this new and unusual hobby for Zena! And Mel also
managed to work in a reference to the flowering relationship between
Zena and Jaav. Bravo!

C. Chris and Alexa

What a great exchange we have here.

"Soman: Shall we go? Oh, by the way, don't tell anyone I was trying to
be sweet. Could start rumors."

Soman Drath seems to be developing more of an easy-going approach that
we never saw before. I love how his character is evolving.

"Xristha winked at Soman. As the two walked together the doctor slipped
her arm under Soman's. "I was wondering who was going to be the

Xristha's flirtiness comes through again, without missing a beat after
Kye. Nicely done.

D. "A little relief" by Mark

Okay, where do I begin? :)

Mark, my brother, don't you know better than to (a) sexually harass a
woman who can throw you in the brig? and (b) start a fight with a
fellow officer? :)

On the flipside of that, although I was !8-| at "cute ass" I do confess
to LOL at "Who's got a cute ass?" Jaav asked.

Sir, it's not everyday someone gets a rise out of me. :)

E. "The Last of the Great Party Animals" by Steve

What did I tell you--Steve (and Kieran) are mad geniuses. :)

Oh, and "Does it have to be one of these damned parties every time we
manage not to die somewhere?" absolutely has to be one of the all-time
best Star Trek PbEM lines, bar none.

Looking forward to more of your posts!


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