[USS Vanguard] OoC: Meet Roch Chase

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[Personal information snipped.]
> Character's name:  Roch "Reaper" Chase
> Character background: Roch was an only child as far as
> he knows. His parents left him on the doorstep of a
> starfleet professor as a baby. Roch grew up mostly on
> the streets because he didn't much care for starfleet.
> Then one day he decided to give it a try for his
> mother. He had a somewhat bad childhood. His "father"
> was always trying to get him to join starfleet. His
> "father" was never proud of him no matter what Roch
> did. He then spent two years before his mother talked
> him into starfleet, flying a ship for a group of
> klingon traders. 
> Describe character's PERSONAL HISTORY, such as family,
> education, physical description, etc.: Roch's 'father
> was a Starfleet professor. His mother was a starship
> captain. He had no know brothers or sisters. He has a
> bithmark of a small 'x' on his arm. He is called
> Reaper because it is said that he was on of the best
> pilots to come out of Starfleet.
> Describe character's SERVICE, such as former
> starships/starbases, positions, awards, etc.: Roch
> spent two years on the USS COLBALT as the tactical and
> security officer.

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